8 Great Tips to Help You Live Healthy Everyday

 Until you begin to set rules for yourself and follow them religiously, you are unlikely to stay fit.

If you take alcohol, drink limited amounts

Excessive intake of alcohol can cause serious damage to the liver and predispose the body systems to many disease conditions. Since alcohol appears to have some health benefits, it is advisable to take alcohol only in little quantities and avoid getting drunk.

Reduce Your Salt Intake

Salt contains sodium which is associated with stroke and heart diseases in excessive quantities. Reduce your intake of salt (and hence sodium) to reduce the risk of having these severe diseases.

Include a Minimum of 30 minutes Workout to Your Daily Routine

These days, it is important to exercise regularly to stay fit. A 30-minute workout every day is an excellent way to begin. You can break this down to about 10 minutes three times a day in order not to get stressed out.

Set a ‘Weight’ Goal for Yourself

You need to have a plan in mind to sustain your interest and motivation in personal fitness and healthy living. Most importantly, plan to achieve a healthy weight first. You can then follow up with other goals like building strength, flexibility etc

Infuse Variety into Each Meal You Take

Having variety of food items in each meal will help you get a lot of nutrients from just one meal. It is also advisable to take complex carbohydrate daily; and this best gotten by eating a variety of grains.

Avoid Saturated Fat in Your Diet

Next time you try to order a course from a restaurant, make sure you order food low in saturated fat. Also avoid cholesterol rich foods. They have strong implications on the heart and can lead to cardiovascular diseases.

Eat Little Foods Consistently Instead of a Large Dinner or Lunch

Moreover, it is healthy to eat a series of little foods throughout the day than excessively large meals. A good way to achieve this is to grab one or two snacks every 3 to 4 hours depending in your level of satisfaction.

Store Food Items in Good Conditions

Bacteria and fungi easily grow on food, especially foods rich in protein. This can result in food poisoning and seriously affect your health. Ensure that you store food very safely.

Above all, stay in tune with the reactions of your body to different food items, and avoid foods that have negative reactions on your body.

Kal Gunay is focusing on fitness Boca Raton and owns a fitness center Boca Raton