8 Wrong Ways to Go About Job Searching

If you have been looking for a work at home job and not getting a lot of results, you may be going about your job searching in the wrong way. Even with a perfect resume and a lot of experience that in itself isn’t enough to land you a job if what you’re doing during your job search isn’t right.

1. No Social Networking
Are you avoiding social networking sites like LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter because you think these are time wasters and time suckers? They can take a lot of your time, but not if you know your purpose and you’re disciplined. The more people who know you’re job searching, the better.

2. Waiting for Job Openings
If you solely depend on other people to find work at home job leads for you, your chance of getting a job is pretty slim. This isn’t always the case, but it’s necessary to take initiative if you want to increase your chances. By the time the job lead is posted, you have no idea how many resumes have been sent and read. Your cover letter and resume would have to be outstanding.

3. Narrowing Your Job Interests
Knowing what kind of job you want is great and it should be a job you enjoy working, a position you’re qualified for etc. Just keep in mind if you decide you want a job that doesn’t involve using a phone, you’re taking out a huge chunk of what’s plenty available.

4. Being Too Broad in Your Job Interests
Okay it was just mentioned that you shouldn’t narrow your job interests, but having too many interests makes you look like a Jack/Jill of all trades who really don’t have strong work experience or skills in any specific area. It makes you look like a mediocre worker and it’s not how you want to portray yourself.

5. No Research
While there are a lot free information on popular companies via work at home boards, you still have to do your research. You can save a lot of time if you do your research based on your needs, wants and suitability as opposed to what’s suitable for someone else.

6. Not Looking For the Right Help
Many people turn to work at home forums to get help and get questions answered because it’s free and that’s okay for basic help, but if you’re seriously looking for guidance go to a job agency who can advise you from creating professional resumes to applying and getting job interviews etc.

7. Influence
Word of mouth is valuable and hearing other people’s experiences can largely influence how things are perceived. If you read a lot of negative reviews about a company, you’re more likely to avoid them. There is some truth to what is being said, but you have to go with your instincts and make your decision based on what you feel is right regardless of what’s being said by others.

8. Not Knowing Your Worth
One time or another each of us had accepted a low paying job. Some may chalk it up as having lack of experience or skill. With your skills/experience, you should have an idea of what’s the going rate for the position you’re applying for.

There are eight wrong ways to go about job searching and if you’re making these mistakes it’s time to turn it around and start doing them right to make your job search more effective.


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