A Bachelors Degree And Going Into Retail

For those lacking a college degree, retail sales jobs have traditionally provided a way to obtain employment that offers at least some hope of advancement. While it is still possible to go from the sales floor to a management position through long hours of hard work combined with on the job learning, more and more young people are entering the world of retail with a bachelors degree in tow.

A bachelors degree in business, marketing or retail management does not necessarily enhance your chances of breaking into a retail job at the sales level, which is where most workers begin their retail careers. However, once you have your foot in the door, possession of a degree can be the equivalent of a ticket on the express train to better opportunities, while your co-workers without one may still be stuck traveling on the local. Whether you start out initially in sales to gain experience and learn the business, or move right into a position with more responsibility, a degree in retail management in particular can open doors to jobs that will be challenging, interesting, and psychologically and financially rewarding.

Retail Management
A degree in retail management qualifies you for employment in the areas of management, merchandising and retail analysis. Even though retail management seems rather specialized, it can allow you to gain immediate employment in a wide variety of occupational categories within the retail field. Some of the plethora of possibilities for the holder of a bachelors degree in retail management include:

* Marketing manager
* Advertising and promotions manager
* Merchandise buyer
* Retail account analyst
* Merchandising representative
* Training manager
* Inventory manager
* Internet merchandising manager

Store Manager
Store manager is one category of retail employment that is very popular and available for those with a bachelors degree in retail management or business. Store managers oversee the basic operations of an establishment selling food, clothes, hardware, entertainment or basically anything that is bought and sold in a retail environment. Store managers are responsible for the hiring, training and supervision of clerks, stock workers, cashiers, customer service representatives and repair staff. Store managers might begin their careers occupying one or more of these other positions, even if they possess a bachelors. This kind of experience can obviously provide valuable perspective that will help any management candidate learn more about the business. But even if you start out on the sales floor, the chances are that your stay there will be much shorter than that of your compatriots without a degree.

The Door is Open to a Promising Future
The association of retail with dead end jobs still exists to some extent. But for the possessor of a degree in retail management, or a related field, the retail environment can be one that delivers rewarding and interesting work, with plentiful opportunities for advancement into challenging and exciting positions with extensive responsibilities. BOLA TANGKAS
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