A Case For Human Change

All around the world, global warming is beginning to affect us all. In the polar ice caps, glaciers are melting while the icebergs are beginning to shrink and therefore the rising sea levels. Many species of animals are becoming endangered, some driven to the point of near extinction.

The world is now beginning to see this as a fact that we can no longer avoid and are now mobilizing to help fix the great mess that we have created for ourselves. Industrialized nations have pledged to decrease carbon emissions, the culprit responsible for the greenhouse effect and the weakening of the ozone layer. Governments and corporations are starting to look into renewable alternative sources of energy like ethanol. Ordinary people like you and me are now beginning to get into the mentality of reducing their carbon footprint by choosing to commute, carpool or use the bike. Also, the recycling movement is now beginning to gather momentum. Supermarkets are no longer giving out plastic bags and are instead offering incentives for people to use cloth bags that you can reuse indefinitely. Wooden pallets in Canada are being recycled for other crafts like art sculptures and furniture while plastic pallets in Mexico are being turned into chicken coops. Even plastic pallet suppliers in Asia are following suit. More and more people are using a composter in USA for their gardening while eschewing the use of disposable plastic water bottles and turning to filtered water bottles.

Daily, more and more people are coming to realize that global warming and climate change are the gravest threat to our world at the moment. With the release of the film An Inconvenient Truth, the subject of climate change has again been the focus of discussion and debate all over the world. It has been in the zeitgeist for quite some time originating back to the 19th century but never has it been more prevalent and relevant than now. In the 1980s scientists have began claiming that due to the population boom, rise of industrialism and advancement of mass production processes, the planet is now under heavy strain and that we need to rethink how we do things or risk our own downfall. If we dont act now, the world we slowly turn to death and decay and nothing will be left for the following generations. And with the constant rise of the world population, Im afraid that time might be sooner than we think. If we dont change, the world will. and Earth is our only home. As the sole keepers of the planet, we alone are given the responsibility to take care of it. BOLA TANGKAS
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