A Clean Computer – Pros and Cons

If your computer needs a good cleaning then you have came to the right article. If you are unsure if you want to clean your computer right now then you should consider these pros and cons to help you make a decision.


Reliable. Your computer will instantly becoming more reliable once you get a good cleaning. No more unexpected crashes, freezes or restarts. Your data will not fail to save. You won’t have to worry about anymore of these problems.
Faster computer. Just removing unused programs and drastically increase your computers speed! No more headaches, just speed. You probably remember how fast this baby ran when it was brand new. Now it doesn’t even go half the speed! Although computers seem near perfect, they do need occasional help from humans.
More efficient. You will become more efficient with your time. More things can be done now that your computer is back to its old lightning speed. This results in more leisure time, who doesn’t want that?
No more repair bills. You won’t have to bring your computer in anymore for repairs. It will always be working and you get to save money. Also you will find that your computer will have a lot longer life span.
No more stress or anxiety and new peace of mind. If you know your computer is clean and virus free then you don’t have to worry about private data being stolen or read. You personal files will be safe and secure and you will be able to stop worrying.


Not always easy to learn. Your first time cleaning your computer by yourself can be quite a daunting task. Following a well written and descriptive guide can definitely make the process much easier. It does take time to learn how to use all the cleaning tools properly. Once you get the hang of things it becomes a mindless task.
Takes some time. You have to wait for all the tools to finish their cleaning job which will definitely require a lot of patience. Depending on how often you clean you system this process can take anywhere from minutes, hours or even DAYS to complete.
It’s like a chore. Yes, it is not something people do for fun. But it must be done or else you will face the consequences in the end. Try not to put it aside, just get the job done and then you won’t have to worry about it anymore.