A Country of Bits and Pieces

Pick up the morning or evening newspaper and there are
stories about current events, some tragic, and some humorous.
You sit down with the paper because it is so important to
be current about your own country and the world. Things are
moving at a rapid pace and in the blink of an eye today’s news
is gone forever and a barrage of new news takes its place.

The problem with American newspapers is that they are not
to be believed word for word. They are censored and cut and
pasted so that the average American is told only what this
country would like him/her to know but not a word extra. In fact,
if too much information is printed, then the reporter or newspaper
is labeled as Unamerican and even said to have wrappings of
treason. In other words, if something happens, we are not either
smart enough, have enough education, or we lack the moral
fortitude to hear it, ingest it, and go on with life. Our government
believes that they have to preread everything, take that old
marking pen out and erase what should not be made public
knowledge. Now let’s look at the other side of the coin. Our
illustrious leaders also like to take pen in hand and add some
“good things” to news clips about the wonderful things that they
are accomplishing and doing. A bit of lace and truly some
arsenic for the public mind because shaping what people think,
know and perceive as truthful is the chosen job of the government.
Only your elected officials know what you should know, should be
told, and when, how, and whatever. Doesn’t it just go against your
grain to know that as an adult, you are not capable to think on your
own. You have to be led around by the nose and spoon fed world
events, current events, and even how very close to sainthood your
leaders are. Otherwise, Lord knows, you would never equate
government officials with heaven. By far, if you live in a false world
made to order by those in charge, you will believe anything and you
will be made to say, feel, and do exactly as the robots they hope you

This may be harsh words to hear but everyone with a brain in their
head and eyes and ears to hear must by now know that they have to
translate the article they are reading and do some checking to find
out what really is going down and who is on the up and up. There are
very few news conferences these days that you can rely on even with
pictures, charts, and little flag pins on their lapels.

If you travel to foreign nations around the globe you find out that the
citizens of the world know more about what is really happening here
then any American does, except for the officials. They are told what
we are truly not equipped to handle, yet alone live with. PIctures of
uranium stockpiles and missile launching equipment really looked
real on the news shows, and some of our leaders used charts and
graphs to point to certain areas so that every American would truly
know what the truth was. Why they even used the proper facial expressions to make
their point and when they needed to look grave,
they really did and when they want to lighten up the true tragedy of
the number of men, women, and children killed in a war, they wave and
smile and pat us symbolically on the head so that we go to sleep and
dream of sugar plums and toys.

Sorry to say, Americans have more going on in their craniums then most
of our administration put together. In fact, we can and do handle the
bad news better than the government because if we did not, then mayhem
would rule and they would be booed unmercifully for all the world to see.
Yet we have enough integrity, and maturity to simply nod and agree, but
our hearts are telling us the truth. We only have to look at the tears of
a young child standing by their daddy, or mommy knowing they are going
away. They may not understand why, but then many of the grown-ups
don’t either. The white crosses that are multiplying in the grave yards
are not only marking the places of rest of the brave but they are pounded
into the furtile grounds of the minds of millions of Americans who know
that this is all wrong, and would like to see changes made. They write to
their Congressmen, they talk about it with their friends and neighbors and
they watch the news hoping that the words “The War Is Over” is the
headline of the day. But this has not happened yet.

As card-carrying adults, we must make a difference. We must put our
childish beliefs aside and tell it like it is. A child killed here tragically is just
as devastating to us as a child shot down in Iraq. Their parents bleed
in their souls and they weep tears just as any parent here. When they
bury their dead offspring, the earth does not know any difference. They
are not Iraqi or American, they are just children unnecessaily killed and
spent so that adults playing adults can have their agendas and reach
their goals. Goals of world domination and agendas of controlling the
natural resources before any other nation gets to them will never work.
Julius Caesar thought so, so did Hitler and Stalin. Why President Bush
may say there is no “cold” war, there is nothing chillier then the behind
the closed door happenings in our nation’s hallowed halls. From the Justice
Department to the State Department, from the CIA to the FBI, and every
other department, the plans are not for the common good of all and they
are not made with the best intentions. Maybe a select few will profit or be
spared the pain of conflict, war, and torture, but not really. The conflict is
in our hearts, the war is for our minds, and the torture is knowing that we
have to do something and yet another day rises and the status quo remains.

America for whatever reason you feel the most passion, use your mind and
your heart to make changes. The children of today and those of tomorrow
need our taking a stand and those we have lost need this so that they can
rest in peace. We have a right to know the truth now more than ever before.
You have outgrown the need to be censored. If those of us who can don’t
make a difference, then those after us won’t have the opportunity.
Just think about it.
©Arleen M. Kaptur
June, 2007