A Cure For Sliding Dog Dishes

Have you ever placed your pooch’s dog bowl on one side of the room full of food and ready for consumption, only to come back twenty minutes later and find the bowl on the other side of the room with food scattered all over the place? Surprisingly, this is a more common problem then you might think. Many dogs eat and drink rather forcefully, and this can cause their food bowls to slide around or tip over easily. The mess this leaves behind is an unnecessary hassle and forces you to have to clean up much more frequently then you should. The solution to this problem is a non-skid dog bowl.

Non-skid dog bowls are normal dog bowls except they come with attachments on the bottom that are designed to grip the surface that they sit atop. Usually the grip is a rubber ring that encircles the bottom of the bowl. This rubber ring is very effective at gripping almost any surface. Your pooch will suddenly find his bowl no longer slides away from him every time his nose nudges the inside of the bowl, and you will find that you no longer have to go searching for where your pup’s food or water bowl ended up after Fido finished with it. This alleviates stress for both you and your pooch.

There are a wide variety of non-skid dog bowls available on the market. The majority of them are stainless steel dog bowls with rubber rings encircling the bottom half of the bowl, but there are also other types. Most non-skid bowls come with the same easy to clean, durable and stylish features as regular dog bowls, the only difference being that they don’t slide around. So save yourself and your pooch from the stress brought on by unnecessarily mobile dog bowls, and try out a non-skid dog bowl today!