A Date With Spectacular Taj in Agra

It is rather a easy town, exactly where 1 should not anticipate lavishness or verdant exoticism. Hotels are mostly budget-friendly, and transportation and dining are fairly affordable either. If comparing Agra with other tourist towns in India like Delhi and Jaipur, you’ll locate it blunt, but when architectural grandeurs are the matter of concern, the UP town scores above all. Home to the planet famous Taj Mahal and stunningly built Red Fort, Agra attracts travelers, particularly the ones inclined towards history &amp cultures, in hordes. It is situated on the bank of historical Yamuna River, and has often been in wish list of backpackers from far and wide.

I not too long ago took a visit to Agra, with my brothers, and like each time I identified the city brimming with travelers, domestic as properly as foreigners, exploring its historical treasures. We reached there at 8 pm evening, and took two rooms in a budget friendly hotel in Agra Cannt (in fact you are going to have to land at Agra Cannt if you go there by train). The best point for travelers is that they would uncover travel agents (unauthentic) at the railway station, who can arrange hotel, transportation and other travel facilities for Agra tour. There will be auto-drivers for budget-friendly tourists, while cab-drivers method family members vacationers and foreigners with bargains of 2 to 4 star Agra hotels. Agra is a not place for week-long remain, so you far better booking hotel rooms primarily based on per evening charges.

We stayed in a two-star hotel, where charges exactly where just INR 900 per room per evening. Rooms have been decently arranged and had been equipped with many modern facilities like air-conditioner, LCD, landline phone (not for STD calls) and spacious bathroom with hot &amp cool water supply. Room service was excellent – the attendant was asking for anything every single hour or so. At morning, we placed our luggage and left for one yet another date with glorious Taj (a cab was arranged by the hotel on demand).

Taj Mahal is about 8km from Agra Cannt and opens as early as 7am in morning. There was a reasonable queue at ticket window, and just after a fifteen minutes wait, we had been in front of majestic Taj Mahal: 1 of the Seven Wonders of the Planet. I think this mega structure has a unique lure that no other structure about the world holds. Your eyes get stuck on that mist-clad (in morning) white creating produced of prestigious marble stones. Refreshing greenery and a rectangular water pond with enchanting fountains all around at the front add much more to the grace which is already at zenith.

The crowning jewel of Indo-Islamic architecture, Taj Mahal is truly an eye-opener, no matter how a lot of times you have seen it ahead of. This monument was constructed by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in remembrance of his wife Mumtaj Mahal around 1632. As per an expert travel guide, this structure is constructed employing the finest material, even though the quality of craftsmanship was probably the superior anyplace else in India at that time. The primary premise is built on a raised platform surrounded by 4 towering minarets. The art perform on the walls is just matchless, and inside the structure is the sepulture of Queen Mumtaj Mahal.

Taj Mahal is surrounded by lush green gardens, although stunning Yamuna River provides it a background. Don’t forget to take your camera when you go to discover Taj. This is the location where every single corner is worth capturing in reel. Right after that, we headed to the red Fort, which is walking distance from Taj Mahal and is a single one more architectural marvel of Mughal era. Mammoth size and attractive architecture of this fort is positive to leave you mesmerized. Even, some travelers discover it much more gracious than Taj and any other structure in Agra.

Lively markets and a variety of dining spots in the city make your trip spicier. Do not neglect to buy ‘Agra Petha’ – a unique sweet that the city is famous for – to take some residence for your loved ones or pals.