A Different Way To Go Would Be Laser Therapy

The human body is plagued with many sickness’s in today’s world. Many potions and lotions are available to help you ease the symptoms but are not always long lasting. Laser therapy is an option available that offers you a more long lasting result to help clear up certain sicknesses and remove blemishes or scars.

One of the things people struggle with are skin blemishes. The can be found all over the body and are sometimes very unsightly. Some are easily removed with a cream yet others are more stubborn and require a more drastic approach. Using lasers may be a little pricey and is not usually covered by health insurance but most cosmetic surgeons will allow you to pay the procedure off monthly. This method will reduce or may even eliminate a blemish permanently. The therapy could take anything from a few minutes to an hour long and is performed under a local anesthetic and sedative.

Warts are one of the blemishes that are often worrisome. Removing warts with a laser is an option. It’s not very painful and will have you feeling a slight stinging during the procedure. The procedure is concentrated on tiny blood vessels that feed the wart. The time taken depends on how many warts there are and how big they are. A small wart can take only a few minutes. Treatments will last anything from 10 to 30 minutes. A small area that is affected may only require 1 or 2 visits while a larger affected area may need you to visit a few more times.

Stretch marks are something that occurs during pregnancy or can be a result of fast weight loss. They occur where the skin has been drastically stretched. Lasers stimulate the production of new collagen. It fills the stretch mark from below the skin. It has been around for years and has recently advanced and come down in price and pain involved. It should be done quite early as the older the stretch mark the harder and longer it takes to remove it.

Low level laser therapy is know for its healing and pain relief properties. Its low intensity has no side affects and doesn’t burn or cut the skin. It is mainly used to help with sport injuries, arthritis and most pain relief. It helps you to reduce the time of healing and helps you to reduce the use of pain medication.

Lasers can also be used to target more severe sickness. Cancer is a terrible disease that plagues many today and can sometimes be fatal. Certain types of cancer can be treated with laser therapy. It involves targeting the cells with the laser and greatly reducing the cancer or even permanently removing it . It is used for milder forms of cancer and as a different option to chemotherapy or can accompany chemotherapy.

This type of therapy has also been known to be used in treating pain and inflamed areas in dogs. It can be used for internal pain and external wounds. It has an immediate affect and will relieve the symptoms of pain.

In short, laser therapy has been used for many years. It is pricey but has a long term affect on reducing many ailments of the body not only in humans but animals as well. It’s many uses have greatly helped man kind and will continue to be used and bettered in the years to come. BOLA TANGKAS