A few of the highest paying weekend part time jobs

I think most of us are feeling the economic crunch. For most of us a 9 to 5 job just doesn’t cut it. It seems most people are just barely getting by, and it doesn’t seem things are going to get better any time soon. Part time and weekend jobs is one of the best ways to help fight the crunch. A part time job may be the answer for most families, but they do take away from family time. Unfortunately this is just another thing we sacrifice so we can make ends meet.

When I found myself looking for a weekend job, it was hard to find a good quality one that was also flexible. I came across a few that are very flexible and pay more than the average weekend or part time job.

Courier Service: This is very cheap and easy to setup. You will need a car, some business cards, and a magnetic sign. You can attract customers by giving out your business cards to people you meet, at doctor’s offices, and at major companies. You can put the magnetic sign on your car when you make your deliveries to attract even more customers. You can also put out flyers at your local convenient stores and place ads in the local newspapers. This takes very little money to start and can bring in a very nice income for a short amount of work. Customers can pay up to $ 100 an hour for courier services. You may not be able to start at these prices, but when you build more business you will be able to charge more.

Housesitter / Petsitter: A lot of people take off for the weekend, and do not want to leave their houses unattended while they are away. This type of part time job does not require any special skills. The only thing you will need are a few references. These can be easily made for you by your friends. If you like pets, you can use it as an add on to the housesitting job for even more income. This type of job is easy to attract customers by advertising in the local newspapers and by word of mouth. This requires almost no start up and no special skills.

Online Jobs: It shouldn’t surprise you that these jobs can be some of the most profitable. Many people make a great full time income working part time online. You can work any time you want, and don’t have to miss your normal family time. You should be weary of what type of online job you choose. Many companies will want you to fill out surveys or read emails. You can make money with these companies, but it will take a lot of work. Probably more work than what it is worth. You can also find companies that charge a small fee to get you started and provide support. A lot of these companies are scams and you must be careful of the ones you pick. The easiest way to spot a scam, is to see if there is a full refund if you are not happy. The ones that truly work will usually advertise you can get a full refund in plain sight on the page, and not in some obscure location on the very bottom of the page.