A Friendly Acne Diet!

While some people believe that acne has nothing to do with diet, many others feel that it has everything to do with it. The latest research has proved that certain foods into one’s diet can have negative effects as far as acne is concerned. If a balanced and nutrient rich diet is followed, acne problems can be reduced tremendously.

Know The Bond Between Acne And Diet

A strict acne diet is necessary for all those who are suffering from pimples. As most food items contain acne-inducing ingredients, it is better to make a selective choice about food. Try to avoid all oily food items for about a week, and you will feel the difference.

Stay away from foods with saturated fats and trans fats, as they can stimulate the hormonal levels. Foods rich in Vitamin A and zinc are the best sources of pimple prevention. Eggs, whole grains, and mushrooms are rich sources of zinc. If iodine content or salt is high in the food, there are chances of new acne lesions.

A good diet alone cannot solve any pimple problems. It depends on various other factors such as skin care, hygiene, exercises, medication, and the like. A nutrient rich diet will also strengthen the immune system of your body to fight against acne.

Avoid dairy products, as it can cause pimple breakouts. Do not give up milk as such, but bring down the intake amount. Just have a glass of milk a day. Sugary foods and drinks have a bad impact on acne, so avoid them. Omega 3 found in fish is one of the best medicines for acne. Similarly, certain vitamins such as Vitamin A, B, C, and E also help in reducing acne issues largely.

Ensure that you do not over-cook food. If possible, avoid deep-frying or boiling, as this will sap all essential nutrients from the food. Eating raw vegetables, fruits or half-cooked vegetables is best for health. Drink enough water for a supple and fresh skin. Drinking coffee, alcohol, and soda will only aggravate the acne problems.

As salad is highly nutritious and fibrous food, eats lots of it. Incorporate pulses in your diet regimen. Apart from these, almonds (a great source of Vitamin E and zinc), pumpkin seeds, whole grain bread (fibrous), oatmeal (Vitamin A, E and selenium), broccoli, spinach, turkey, carrots, oranges and honeydew melon are some other nutrient rich food items that provide high immunity to the body to fight against pimples.

Organic green tea, walnuts, olive oil, yogurt, and low fat diary products are also very important food items that prepare the body to fight pimples.