A Gorgeous Neck Requires Care And Attention

Do you take the same care of your neck skin as you do your face? Your neck has the important role of holding up your head and assisting in movement, even though the muscle structure within it is less dense and the skin is more fragile than some parts of your face. In fact, neck skin is about the same thickness as what is on the eyelids, and we all know how delicate that is. Coupled with the fact that natural oil production is at a minimum, the skin on your neck is prone to wrinkling, creasing, sagging and showing the other signs of aging fairly quickly. And yet, most of us neglect it.

It is important to take care of your neck through daily cleansing and moisturization. Hydrating and nourishing it can keep it supple and elastic, preserving elasticity and maintaining even tone. Astringents can also help tighten and tone.

For serious laxity and wrinkling, daily rituals will probably not be able to help greatly. These problems must be addressed with more intensive treatments, but fortunately not surgical. Nonsurgical treatments like laser skin tightening http://www.skinvitality.ca/index.php/medical-services/fotofacial-rf-skin-tightening.html and Refirme can help a great deal to tighten, lift and reinforce, revitalizing the area to look more youthful. More commonly performed on the face, these treatments are also suitable for the neck and even other areas of the body. Youll need a few sessions to achieve the best results, but itll be worth the cost and time you invest since these treatments are designed to boost collagen levels and create healthy, newer skin that is taut.

And remember: it is just as important to apply sunscreen to the neck as it is the face. You may think that clothing or your chin will protect your neck from the suns UV rays, but this is wrong. The sun, along with other environmental factors and daily stressors, can get to your neck easily, so make sure to apply sunscreen every time you go out. This will protect the skin and reduce the degradation of collagen (something that UV rays are prone to do).

Show off your gorgeous neck with a shorter hairstyle or upsweep. Its elegant and sexy!