A Guide on Digital Camcorders!

Everybody enjoys watching their own videos, especially if it involves close ones and events that are close to our heart. So if you do not own a camcorder and intend to buy one, here is a quick guide on what features to look for before you buy a new one. You may even consider buying a used one as long as it is well looked after and has good features.

As usual, you will have to weigh between the features and the cost. The more features you are after, the more money you will have to shell out. An important thing to note is that a camcorder is for capturing video whereas a digital camera is meant for taking still pictures.

Avoid looking for something which will give the best of both the worlds. It will not give the best results and at the same time it will be expensive. Also, if you are looking for a used one, go in for a digital camcorder than an analog one. It is easier to get your video from a digital camcorder into a computer and edit it.

Optical Zoom is better than digital zoom. Higher the optical zoom, the better it is. At higher levels, digital zoom distorts the videos making them useless so avoid camcorders with higher digital zoom. You need higher Optical Zoom.

Another important thing to know is the number of CCDs. A CCD (Charged coupled Device) converts light into digital data, and helps in recreating the images. A 3-CCD camcorder is better since it creates better images but then it costs more than one CCD.

When it comes to the LCD, a bigger size will help you to clearly look at your recorded video. But then if it is adding too much to the cost, think whether you really want to put in that extra dollar.

Besides the above features, you may choose to go in for additional features like Image stabilization feature and Still Image capability. But then these are not a necessity; if you are on a tight budget avoid them.