A Guide To Luscious Lips

Around since the tribal days, lipstick has been a way for women to paint their face for self expression. Nowadays, it is done for beauty and to emphasize the shape of one’s lips or to add an extra pop of glamour to one’s overall ensemble.

When applying lipstick, be sure that you do not dramatize your eyes alongside. If your eyes are dramatic and darkly shadowed, then do not wear dark lipstick. If you want to wear a vibrant shade of lipstick, keep your eye shadow very pale and neutral colored to your skin or else you will suffer from a horrible train crash collision of bad make up on your face. You really want to keep that balance of colorful pop on only one side of your face. In fact, if you want to wear lipstick that is bright and bold, keep all the rest of your make up light, such as your blush, your eye shadow and your foundation. Keep it all nearly natural so that your lipstick looks pretty and not chaotic.

If you want to achieve a plump effect for your lips, dab a bit of clear lip gloss in the middle of your bottom lip. Also, using lip liner can help with a plump look, as well, as you can outline your lips in some color and then fill it in. Applying the lipstick is really up to what makes you most comfortable. If you think that it is easier to start at the top and work your way around, do so, or if you start at the bottom and then move up, sure, that is fine too. But using liner will help you keep your lipstick inside the region of your lips. Also, it will make your lipstick last longer as it will create some boundaries that will keep it in shape and place. However, do not use a darker liner than your lipstick or else you will achieve a very happy Halloween type of effect. Instead, use either the same color liner or a nearly invisible nude liner that you will easily cover up with the actual lipstick of your choice.

Lining your lips can be done before or after the lipstick application, but I would do it both times just to be extra sure. Also, using a coat of gloss over your lips can give it a shiny and glossy appearance that will not only make them seem more plump but also fresh and juicy. Practically, a coat of gloss keeps them on longer and will help you keep your lipstick on for hours. Using a color stay lipstick is great for occasions like weddings and other parties where you will be eating and drinking. Having the color remain permanent to your lips will help you avoid having to go to the restroom and touch up every ten minutes and will give you a natural and smear less look.

Sometimes you can blend two different lipstick shades to get a gorgeous color you never expected. So, don’t ever throw away an ugly color of lipstick because it might just be one half of the best shade you’ve ever had. Make sure that when you apply your lipstick, you wipe it clean from the place just inside your lips so that it doesn’t stick to your teeth.