A Guide To Soccer Field Lighting

Popularity of soccer is rising tremendously and it has lead to increase in demand of soccer fields and they are becoming created at a lot of distinct places. For playing safely, it is really critical to make positive that these fields are correctly lit during night-time matches. When you decide on soccer field lighting, an electrician need to be consulted and regional municipal outdoor lighting codes ought to be checked.

Lighting demands vary based upon the size of the field and the number of spectators. For instance, a field 180′ x 330′, created for night time competition with out spectators demands a minimum of 30 foot-candles of horizontal target illumination continuously, although a expert stadium needs at least 75 foot-candles.

Also at the time of picking light, you require to take into consideration the amount of voltage that will be obtainable from the ballast (a transformer). By selecting multi-tap ballast for soccer field lighting, you can make it much more flexible.

When you select to have a metal halide soccer field lighting sports light fixture then make positive that you pair it with metal halide 400 watt ballast. Even though deciding on or installing soccer field lighting, you require to consult a extremely certified skilled as he needs to work with a very higher voltage level.

Make certain that you set up soccer field lighting correctly on poles. Galvanized steel poles and mounting assemblies is a great choice for this. You can also mount two fixtures on a metal pole by using a light angle iron cross arm.

In case of metal or wooden poles, 3 to 4 lights can be installed. In order to avoid any injury, the pole must be placed at least 20 feet from the sideline and outdoors of fences. It is constantly better to mount these lights at a great height so that the glare can be minimized for the spectators.

The ballasts and electrical equipment should be in aluminum enclosures at least ten feet above the ground. You can also verify the US Soccer Foundation’s suggestions for soccer field lighting and seek advice from a licensed electrician for additional info on connections and mounting of the lighting.

For any lighting requirements, it is usually suggested to consult an expert electrician. They will know the local municipal codes and appropriate handling and installation of high voltage soccer field lighting.