A Kind Of Locking Of The Pan

Cooking food a lot of water vapor evaporation, not only seriously polluted

Home Environment, harm your body Health , And took away a lot of flavor in food and nutrition. It was also found that the stew out of natural food natural raw soup, the best to retain the delicious food and nutrition. If you add large amounts of water, like a flavor of the soup will be diluted, like a lot of nutrition and taste will be inferior.

Le Bang Adi pot Le Bang Adi original pot without boiling, not steaming cooking system, cooking food that does not have moisture evaporation, making things even on the bedroom can be. Le Bang Adi pot with chicken, cooked the fish, boiled pork and other food, without adding water, if put away soy sauce, vinegar, wine and other spices, use of music Bang Adi pot of TTP (time, temperature,

Pressure ) Set the gold value of the system, you can quickly cook a natural raw soup, thick aroma and rich nutrition captive! Le Bang Adi as something not boiling pot features like hens than simmer, although repeatedly boiled, but it saves time, just 10 minutes, will be able to cook a chicken in Hong Lan melt, there are thick chicken soup to drink.

Le Bang Electronics Co., Ltd., Dongguan City, commissioned by the “China Center for Disease Control Nutrition and Food Safety” was Le Bang Adi pan in the nutritional quality of food overall impact

Test The experimental results show: Le Bang Adi pot cooking food preservation rate is much higher than normal nutritional pot. Carotene only a nutritional save more than doubled on higher than normal pot; Le Bang Adi pot with rice, the protein, carbohydrate,

Vitamin B 1 and other nutrients than ordinary pot save a lot of increase rate, and Music Bang Adi pot of meat fat content decreased.

Can be said that Le Bang Adi top few pot pot pot can be: it can quickly steaming, boiling, stew, stew, simmer, boil, roast, boil the cooking and many other functions, with the Adi pan , no longer

Kitchen In a variety of pots and pans full of worry, and select a music Bang Adi pot, the kitchen can greatly release the space!

Le Bang Adi pot unique intermittent heating mode, the whole closed structure, not steaming, not boiling, do not overflow and so on, greatly improved work efficiency and reducing work time. Adi pot with 3 to 5 people eat rice, just 10 minutes. A weight of 750 grams of cooked chicken, also just 15 minutes and no need for water distribution, natural out of soup, soup of the original raw food more nutritious and delicious! Le Bang Adi original pot TTP intelligent nutrition control system, the temperature, pressure and time will never be able to make food in the nutrition and taste the best value on gold, as to the pot had a lock, lock delicious, locked nutrition, healthy locks.

Le Bang Adi pot cooking food is not only fast, but power. Le Bang Adi pot with intermittent heating, fully enclosed structure, surface plastic insulation cover, do not waste energy, save time, save

Electricity Volume. Experimental results show that four-year home Adi pot of electricity saved, you can buy a new Adi pot.

Health environmental protection, excellent quality. Gather all the advantages of pot, enough to make up for the public pot, Le Bang Adi pot, leading a new healthy life style.