A Message To All Peace Activist And Peace Seekers

The missing element in the peace movements has always been the lack of a practical plan
for peace that provides a logical alternative to all war that will be universally accepted
by everyone. This is why peace organizations rarely last the test of time. Just
protesting with “stop this” or “stop that” and not providing a long lasting permanent
solution to the problem will lose steam after a while.

Our studies have lead us to concluded that there can be no real peace on this earth until
that peace is a total peace that includes every person on earth without exception;
therefore, all efforts for pursuing a true and lasting peace must be geared towards
establishing World Peace. In our studies to understand what was needed to achieve peace on earth, we looked at the
three areas that are essential to establishing peace on earth, the governmental
structures, religions structures, and The People.

It became obvious to us that the governmental and religious structures lacked the means to
establish World Peace because of their many differing goals, policies, and ideologies,
which create many divisions among the people.

We are not saying that the governments and religions do not want peace on earth; just the
opposite is true and they would overwhelmingly embrace real peace on earth if it were
possible. That lead us to The People and an understanding of what their role is in
establishing World Peace.

It is common knowledge that humans are the most intelligent and dominant form of life on
this earth and have a natural desire to be free and live in peace. The truth is; The
People are the one true power on this earth because nothing man-made can function or
survive without the support and efforts of The People, including the functions of the
governments, religions, and other essential systems created by man.

The People working as a collective body have the power and the right to determine how they
want to live on this earth and they have the right and power to determine how their
governments, religions, and corporate structures function in this world.

When The United People of this world decided that they want to live in a peaceful and
civilized world, nothing could stop them because they could naturally justify pulling
their support form anyone or anything that stands in The Peoples way.

All humans, since the beginning of human existence, have inherited and carried an
instinctive belief that they have a right to survive, be free, and live in peace along
with other beliefs described as our unwritten Evolutionary Human Rights. Scientific
studies have proven that this belief structure is exactly the same in all humans and is
the one natural common bond that all humans share.

This is why when you ask anyone, from any part of this world, if they want to survive, be
free, and live in peace, or if they believe they are entitled to Human Rights they will
automatically say yes. Understanding this led us to discover that the path to World Peace
is through establishing an internationally legalized Bill of Human Rights that All People
on earth would be legally entitled too without exception.

This International Bill of Human Rights would, establish a standard legal value for all
human live, be overwhelmingly accepted by all People, and would become the Natural Laws of
Humanity that all governments, and others, would be legally bound to honor and abide by.

What this world lacks at the present time is a legal, just, and moral system to function
under on an international level. Any functioning international system must provide
guidelines for how governments and others will function within that system. The plan for
World Peace provides a peaceful and civilized international system for the governments and
others to function under that will never allow for a one-world type government or any type
of totalitarian global rule of The People.