A Nazm in praise of Imam Ali a.s

On the 13th of the month of Rajab, 23 years before the migration of the Prophet Mohammed s.a.w, a child was born in the family of Abu Talib, the light of whom kindled the whole World. Ali Ibn Abi Talib, the only person born in the Holy Kaaba, the house of god. He was the true companion of the prophet and the first male to accept the Islam. The prophet always praised him and also gave his daughter Fatimah a.s in marriage to Ali.
Few lines of Prophet in Praise of Imam Ali a.s:
“I am the city of knowledge, and Ali is its gate and the one who wants to enter this city must pass through its gate.”
Imam Ali lived his entire life with the Prophet, learned all his knowledge and was the only companion who was able to answer all questions concerning any issue after the prophet’s death. He was the man of authority whom all the companions used to refer to and take advice from. He had a personality in which multiple characteristics were diluted that it was difficult to believe that a human mind could manifest such a combination. He was the bravest man that history could trace till date.
Imam Ali was a brave, faithful, holy warrior who never got frustrated and tired of the fighting and the battles. During the lifetime of the Prophet Mohammed, he accompanied the messenger of God in each and every battle. He was afraid of no one except God. He used to say “By God if I see that on one side is the truth and on the other side all the rest of the people, I without caring and paying heed to those reproaching me, will fight all alone with my sword, on the path of right, against them.
He was not just a warrior or the follower of Islam, but also a great teacher. He worked on educating people about the Islamic knowledge which you can evident in his speeches in Nahj Al Ballagha. The Imam also took advantage of every opportunity to make people aware of all the issues surrounding them and taught them how to combat with the circumstances without leaving the path of truth and right. He was the ruler who aimed to grow the level of knowledge of his people, and not just to affect in order to make them be loyal to him. However, his teachings were not just limited to religion as his vast field of knowledge included biology, medicine, astronomy, the origin of the universe, philosophy, Islamic jurisprudence, mathematics, rhetoric, and much more. He also made major contributions in developing the grammar of the Arabic language.
In praise of such a magnificent and an imperial personality of Imam Ali many Nazm’s are written for him. Here are few of the stanzas of the famous Nazm written in respect of him:
Ho Ali Ke Naam Se Toofan Bhi Khauf Khate Hain
Jinhe Yakin Nahi Wo Doob Jate Hain

Farishte Qabr Me Kuch Aur Poochhte Hi Nahi
Zuban Pe Naam-E-Ali Sun Ke Laut Jate Hain
Fatah-e-Jung-e-Uhad, khandaq o kHyber bolay
Fard hai eik, zamana issay lashkar bolay

Gar kar run mei Alam, Fatahe khyber bolay
Hai Ali naam mera, maa mujhey Haider bolay

Ayee mushkil abhi asaan kiyay detay hai
Tun pay acha nahi lagta ho jissay sir bolay

Hamil-e-wahee-e-illahi nay choosayee hai zuban
Ilm ka shehr issay, Ilm ka hai dar bolay

Ba khuda iss mei nusairi key nahi koiee khata
Madh-e-Hyder mei payambar hai sambhal kar bolay
Certainly, there are endless praises that can be written on Imam Ali, it can be a Nazm or any other form of Poetry.