A Negative Attitude Will Get You Where You Are Going!

Self-help gurus, psychologists, and personal and business coaches tell you that you must maintain a positive attitude if you want to be successful in the world. This is probably pretty good advice, and it would be hard for me to refute any of that wisdom.

Likewise, a negative attitude will also determine your path in life, in your business, career, or family. In fact, a negative attitude will get you to where you are going just as fast as a positive attitude if not faster. The only problem is you may not like where you’re going when you get there. Do you see that point?

It is hard to maintain a constant positive attitude, with all the challenges, problems, and barriers that are thrown at us from every direction in our normal lives, or in our business endeavors. Still all those things are just a given and they happen to everyone.

There is a very good quote I’d like you to memorize; “good things happen to good people, bad things happen to bad people, and crap that just happens to everybody,” in other words, there are bumps along the way for people with a positive attitude or a negative attitude. That’s just how life works.

I would submit to you that when hardships confront you in your life not to have a negative attitude about it, but rather to consider it a gift. Let’s call it the gift of adversity. We know that adversity builds character, and it takes a strong personal character to achieve success in life and accomplish your goals.

Those hardships along the way or speed bumps can be taken any way you wish. You can allow them to cause a negative attitude and stop you in your tracks or make you pessimistic or doubt your cause or ultimate achievement. Or you can consider it a challenge, maintaining a positive and healthy attitude, and then continuing on your journey.

All this is a choice and it is totally up to you because a negative attitude will get you to where you are going just like a positive one will, the only difference is where that destiny leads. Please consider all this.