A New “Tsunami” is Found!

The high movement of water that lasts longer than usual which eventually produces high tide is called Tsunami.  And since the tides do not form part in the tsunami build-up, it’s not right to refer tsunami as “tidal waves”.  But do you know that there is another form of tsunami that is making waves now?

The new found tsunami is making waves this Christmas season.  Yes, Christmas parties have arrived!  A food tsunami is starting to show off its prowess to catch attention.

Food in large quantities is making waves that you can’t help but devour till you drop. This is a tsunami of food-a tsunami in disguise.  Meat, crabs, sweets, and more complete the dining table.

If you are going to take the 4 W’s and 1 H seriously, you’ll end up being saved from the terrible aftermath of the food tsunami. But who cares once you are satisfied?

Learn how the 4 W’s and 1 H interconnects with health:

What – What are you going to prepare for the party? Is it organically grown, processed, synthetic or natural? This is very crucial since some people do not “live” harmoniously with some kind of food. Many are allergic to some kind of a food.

Who – Who will prepare the food, the people behind the party and the attendees? Ensure that these people are competent enough to tell the truth.

When – When are you going to buy, prepare and serve?  There is this saying “Time is gold.” Buying food has its pros and cons and so with the time spend in the preparation and serving.  Any delay is not good.

Where – Where to prepare the food, and the venue of the party?  The place of preparation is so sensitive that any wrong move will result to unforeseen illnesses.

How – How to prepare the food and all its processes should be with strict supervision.  A simple mistake may mean a loss of life. Many sicknesses are connected to our food and this is a fact.

With all the preparation, a food tsunami is coming your way!

Come Christmas day, be ready! Many of the food offered in parties is just a pleasure to your taste bud. Before anything goes awry, moderate your appetite.