A Quick Look about Australia

Australia is a modern country rich with a per capita income comparable to that of the U.S. The biggest Australian state is the Western Australia and covers one third of the continent. It may be said to be the largest state in the country but it doesn’t mean that they have the biggest population as well. In fact, despite of its large size, it is a residence to only around two million people. What’s very important to its economy is the Australia’s agricultural sector which includes sales of beef, alcohol, wheat and wool. Japan takes 18 percent of Australia’s output and is the biggest importer of the country’s agricultural product. Most of the Australian products are exported to Japan, USA, China, New Zealand, South Korea, UK, Taiwan, Singapore, India, and Hong Kong SAR. Almost 5 million who originally came from overseas are living in Australia. Sydney is the most chosen city to work and live in Australia. If you wish to live and work in this country, you need to spend two years as a permanent resident before you can apply for Australian Citizenship. Of course, you will reach this process if you have settled all the Australian visa form which is distributed by the immigration wherein you will have to take assessment test to know what option for visas to Australia is suitable for you. Most of the migrants applied for travel visas Australia online because it is more convenient to process than the traditional way of processing visa forms. From Australia’s immigration policy used to target most of the British, the emphasis now has turned to attract from anywhere who has the skills to contribute to Australia’s development. When talking about temperature, Australia’s highest temperature, 51 degrees C (123 degrees F) and was recorded at Oodnadatta, South Australia in 1960. Its lowest temperature was minus 23 degrees C (minus 9 degrees F) measured high in the mountains at Charlotte Pass, New South Wales. Australia has one third is composed of desert. The largest desert is Great Victoria Desert which covers fewer than 5 percent of the country. To be exact, it covers 348,750 square kilometers which makes it around one and a half times bigger than the UK or slightly smaller than Montana. Australia is said to be the world’s smallest continent and the world’s sixth largest country. Making it slightly smaller than the United States mainland which is 7,827,848 square kilometers (does not include Hawaii and Alaska). The world’s largest species of crocodile is found in the tropical north of Australia. This crocodiles are called the salt water crocodile and are strictly protected in Australia. It is a fact that each year one or two people are eaten by crocodiles in this country. One of the interesting facts about Australia is they are not very heavy drinkers compared to other countries. 7% less alcohol is the average Australian drinks compared to Britons which is 25 % less alcohol. Most of the Australians are crazy about sports and most participated sports are aerobics, tennis and golf.