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Stores early consumers, faced with a variety of technical terms, the face of overwhelming “marketing” the face of many major brand models of television, are often confused and do not know where to start. How, then, choose a good

Flat Panel TV What? Is very simple, the key reference to the following criteria: “a look at the trend, two look-definition, see the details of the three or four to see cost-effective”, you can choose to a suitable flat-panel TV!

Fashion trend?? Buy a TV is not outdated

Today, TV has moved from CRT Age entered the flat of the times, while the flat has entered the “Internet, interoperability, interactive” the 3C era of convergence; has moved from simple, passive “watching TV” TV1.0 times, entered as the center, active “

With TV “The TV2.0 times! Therefore, optional TV trend of development in line with the first choice of TV type, so easy to fall behind, the full enjoyment of science and technology development to bring you happiness and enjoyment, such as the current market, Internet TV, digital TV and information on television and so on, are all consistent with the trend of the times TV2.0 TV.

1, first look at network television. At present the network television market there are many, but quite different functional configurations, purchase should note the following:

First, to see whether the rich content available. As we all know, a good network TV, in addition to convenient Internet access, the most important thing is to get rich content. However, the majority of network TV content market

Service Provide not rich, and some just some weather forecasts, the stock market here, simply can not meet the demand.

So buy network TV, in addition to weather, news and other information, must depend on whether they have a strong background of service support, video resources are abundant, while others, such as whether there

Education , Encyclopedia of life like a comprehensive information resource, complete and rich content with these services can allow you to truly enjoy Internet TV and enjoy the fun.

Second, depending on whether the content provided free of charge. Some network television broadcast and download large support network, but need to pay on demand or download fees, purchase should be careful to avoid using the contents of the late fees due to high cost. Should choose a strong background support, free content network television, allowing you greater ease!

Third, depending on whether the operation is simple and convenient. Good network design personalized TV and easy operation, with a key Internet functions, the combination of just a few buttons you can easily experience all the features.

Fourth, look at network connections are complete and diverse. Then pull cable in the living room will inevitably undermine the decoration effect, which requires network TV should support the wireless WIFI Internet access and the latest 3G wireless broadband services. Furthermore, if the home is dial-up Internet access, depends on network television when choosing whether to support. Currently, the Internet can support a variety of ways network TV is not much, consumers should pay attention to whether the wealth of its network connection.

Fifth, depending on network TV is available online soft decoding update. With the audio and video codec technology, audio and video encoding formats more and more. Therefore, a good addition to upgrading the network TV content and user interface beyond, but also to upgrade audio and video codec technology. If the codec technology can not be upgraded, then after a few years of audio and video formats will not watch! Therefore, the soft-decoding functions into network television never upgrade outdated key. Currently, the market is only soft decoding individual brand support online upgrade function, need to be cautious when purchasing.

2, up to date to buy a TV, followed by to see if a real digital TV. Digital TV is from the studio to launch, transmission, all links are used to receive digital television signals to a television transmission type. Popularity is the trend of digital TV, digital TV signals of its definition is general


6 times, will fully replace the existing analog standard definition signals, in 2015 China will completely stop sending analog signals, digital television has become the trend of future development of television. BOLA TANGKAS