A Simple, Yet Very Important Step Towards How to Help Water Quality

Water is so important to our body that we cannot live without it. The quality of our water is just as important, and because our water supplies are contaminated with over 2100 chemicals that cause cancer, you need to know how to help water quality.

Our bodies are 70% water, so the quality of the water needs be excellent in all aspects. Water needs to taste, look and smell good so we will want drink it. And it needs be free from dangerous contaminates so it can keep our body working properly and healthy.

Our water companies only have to test for a handful of the 2100 dangerous toxins in our water, so if they don’t test for them how do we know they are not in the water we get out of our faucet. Fact is we don’t know.

The annual water report you get from the city’s water company won’t teach you how to help water quality. It won’t even list all the dangerous toxins in your water.

For instance, it won’t list all the pharmaceutical drugs taken by every one in your city, because they don’t test for them, but you can bet that those toxins are in your water supply. Why you may ask. Because when someone takes a pill, their body does not absorb that entire pill, so they eliminate part of it from their systems and it ends up in the cities sewer waters, which end up in our water supplies.

Granted it is a few small part considering how large the water supply is, but who knows how many people takes that pill and just how much is in the water, since it is not tested. To be sure that all dangerous contaminates are removed there needs be multiple stages and types of filters involved and most cities don’t have the funding to have all that is needed.

Knowing how to help water quality in your home is not hard. You need to install a fairly inexpensive home water filter that has multiple stages and types of filters built into it to remove the varying kind of contaminates in our water.

Look for a multistage filter that combines carbon filtering, a sub micron filter and a multi block filter. Having an ion exchange that exchanges the deadly substance of lead for the much-needed mineral potassium is also an added bonus when looking at how to help water quality.

Don’t leave your health and that of your family to your city to take care of. A home water filter system like I mentioned above will cost you less than a hundred dollars. Your health is definitely worth it. If you don’t know where to find one, check out my web site to find the one I use.