A Treat for All Wine Connoisseurs around Liverpool Street Hotels

Area around Liverpool StreetUnderground in London boasts of been a delight for the booze lovers, searching for some haven for their cravings in addition to a good treat for their palate. If you are the one on the inquest for a happening bar or a pub in the city, then hang around this place to find out what the fuss is really about hotels near liverpool street will give visitors a pleasurable access to these bistros. Here is a glance on the most hip and famous bars:

All Bar One

A classy bar, it exudes traditional sophistication in its surroundings reflected through lavish rooms and expensive wood panelled interiors. Join this All Bar One, for a company of the most upmarket crowd in London. Being in the centre of the city and a popular hub, commuters will face no qualms in searching this place, which is piled up with exotic wines, from vintage to latest ones, including the limited edition wines which are especially exported from France. A delicious food bar will take care of your hunger pangs.

Balls Brothers

Bishopsgate in London is the proud owner of this bar cum restaurant. Londoners swear by this tavern, boasting of an expertise close to five decade with an in house wine and champagne list with their signature brands, in the rates that goes smooth on your pocket beginning with as little as  £10. For more personal feel, you can access the private and semi private rooms in here. In accompaniment of this you will be treated to exclusive sea food with the choice of best in business.

Twenty Four

Offering a sweeping view across the city, this is a high rise bar sited on Tower 42 in Old Broad Street and an ideal hangout zone for those looking forward to a tranquil feel to their stop over. Besides, off course wine and drinks, you will found a lot of non alcoholic beverages to couple with. On Weekends, they keep the place closed. Do make a note to make your reservations in advance before your arrival in the bar, as it keeps quite packed in here.


Ask any one in Middlesex Street the way to this sumptuous bar and eatery and you will know. The warm staff will serve you the best of ales and an exhaustive combination of rare wines to go with. This place is also a foodie’s delight with innovative cuisines like Cornish Crab Ravioli with Taragon, Blue Cheese & Pine Nut and Marinated Pork.