A Virtual Planet for the King of Pop

Music has no boundaries, particularly when it comes to Michael Jackson’s songs. All people around the world, regardless of their country, race and language tapped to his tone. A California based SEE Virtual World has entered into a deal with Jackson’s estate to create a virtual world based on the king’s music, life and interests. Now, people all over the world can take a peek into his world and together they can rejoice and celebrate the life of Michael Jackson.

In a recent press release John McClain who is the co-executor of the Jackson estate reiterated the fact that MJ was constantly searching for innovative ways technology could enhance the experiences of his beloved fans, globally. He added that the Jackson estate is delighted to collaborate with SEE Virtual Worlds in the development of the themed cyberspace planet which will unquestionably befits an artist as inventive and pioneering as Michael Jackson.

According to SEE Virtual World’s spokes person, the development of the virtual planet will take at least a year to complete.  The cyber space will use continents dedicated to themes and animated characters will be created and deployed to socialize, explore and play games. As per John Branca who is the co-executor of the Jackson estate, not only the themed virtual planet will provide a platform for his fans to interact and let them celebrate his music and artistry, it will also enable them to help those in need through donations and charities.

The virtual planet or the Planet Michael will be a free application and the users or fans can download the same without paying subscription fees. As stated by Martin Biallas who is the Chief Executive Officer for SEE Virtual Worlds, Planet Michael upon completion will provide an absolutely interactive environment for fans of Michael from all over the world to come together and to pronounce his farsighted offerings to dance, music, entertainment and patronage.

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By: Francis David