A Warning To The Wise!

There is more than a precedent in this time of upheaval. And I thought I should both warn and point out our soon to be problems.

The question of “illegal emigrants” is not one without precedent! This all happened a long time ago.

I am reminded of a part in the Bible, where King of Israel was saying that there is nothing new under the sun. How appropriate that is for us today! But this is no Christian Tract, but is instead a reading of the pulse of nations today, in reality, now, not in future. Well, not too far in future, for us.

There was, in the years before the start of World War Two, a question put before Congress of the United States of American. (May 8, 1937 House of Representatives) “Should the United States deport or naturalize aliens, mostly Jews from Poland and Lithuania, who had entered the country illegally on fake visas?” Thank God almighty we did the right thing then. And as it turned out, many many had warned this country of the Evil of Hitler and his plans. But no heed was taken by the majority until it was too late!

Some people wise enough to see the coming horror wrote it all down, the whole plan, at least for Europe. And that plan was followed exactly by Hitler and his minions!(Nazism: An Assault on Civilization, edited by Pierre van Paassen and James Waterman Wise; (published five years before Germany began the European phase of World War II) “..correctly predicted Hitler’s attack on Austria, Czechoslovakia, Poland, and the Soviet Union–in the order in which they actually occurred.”

So you have seen there is indeed a precedent for todays questions and horrors to come. However, this one is going to be in reverse! We are not going to be invaded by Mexico! Nor are we going to war against Mexico.

I thought for many years that a war with Mexico was coming. That such was a sure bet. But lately I have had to give more consideration and weight to other, more pressing world news and insights. From people more gifted than I at fathoming the coming years pleasures and problems. Such is life, a truism today will become a lie tomorrow. A thing seen will not be, and a thing unseen will most likely be the problem we must hurdle tomorrow. But be that as it may be, I am hoping I am wrong about this problem I see around the corner. Perhaps in some bumbling way, my pointing at it can destroy its coming to fruit? Who knows tomorrow.

There is an economic influx of “illegal immigrants” instead of an influx of some that are being persecuted. But just as I say before, this thing is sort of in reverse, as far as past history. You could say that we Americans are the ones being persecuted, by a Government that has another agenda as a goal, instead of the American future all of us are expecting them to walk toward.

If you can follow the logic of a U.S. Government gone mad, making us part of both a “United American” state, and part of the Overlord, “One World Government”, then you should see that other countries will both be for and against the same thing! If our Government is “AU” bound, then surely they, the “doers and shakers”, see themselves as Head of the AU, or as members of its Board of Bards! Not having a future eye upon any single trading state of an AU with leaders from Chile, Honduras, or Brazil, they have to have taken such into consideration. And then ignored it!

The Old World segregationist view of “Europe, ain’t we great!” has taken hold perhaps? And they see the coming AU as being “White English” dominating the leadership of the AU? In which case there seems to me to be some contributions to confusion that we can foresee in our future as part of this miraculous happening. Like War for instance!

The thought that Americans will tend to act like Americans when the American Pie is sliced Politically, will cause some to take up arms. Not to defend, but to make a difference, to make themselves part of the leadership, and make the Americans less of a dominate force in that leadership.

I do not see Mexico, nor Canada, as being lined with the South American Forces. But there will be some, as there are Americans in Iraq for the Jihad. There will be a faction of Mexicans that will want to illuminate America. We are so hated down in Mexico you cannot visit without being insulted verbally by people who are seemingly about their own business. But if you listen closely, and speak enough Spanish, you will have your eyes opened about that hatred. It is not without its causes, of course, but this faction should be taken seriously and considered a major part of the coming war.

That war in America is coming is a fact. Not a simple minded ignorant man’s dreaming late at night after stuffing himself with pizza. There is a wind blowing. A Southern wind. And the smell of both death and war is in it. If you do not agree, I am not going to be offended. But I can try to show you the reasoning behind my fears. And no mistake about it, my exposure to war notwithstanding, I do fear the coming war. Because it will be both International, in that it will be among more than one nation, and it will be to a point “Civil”, as in “Civil War.”

You see there are hundreds of sides to take in this coming thing, and there be millions that will decide for a side and take up arms to defend that interest. Which sides? Oh, there are many too list, but we can list a few perhaps.

American side. People love this country and love what it stands for. They will have this view of this side.

Mexican American side. There are a lot of people who identify with this side. They are willing to go to war for this countries defense. Always have. But will they kill Mexicans and South Americans? I think not.

Mexican side. The Mexican National will be for peace. That is their side. But if they have to fight they would not want America to win, and they would not want America to vanish! So they will follow, mostly, their Governments line, or side.

The Mexican Government side. They will be allied with America, but only as long as they think they are not going to be left out of the AU leadership, and the money that can be funneled to their accounts. Money is the main motivation here for them as it is to a point for the American Leadership. There will be a following out of this ally if the money, or the insult to them causing embarrassment and hurt against pride, that fires up the Mexican people against U.S. Mexico is first pride, then money, then religion. All must be put into perspective. None of this can be left out of consideration with thinking of Mexico. This is non-separable.

South America side. We have few friends in South America. Those countries that have the money, and the oil, and hatred for us, will attack Northward. Seeing the Mexican forces as mere fodder that is being thrown up by the U.S., they will make treaties with the Indians in the South of Mexico, who want freedom and land from Mexico. And they will take the Isthmus faster than a ship can traverse its length! Chile, Argentina, and Bolivia, and others will want a piece of this AU pie, a large piece. And if they see both a taking by the Americans of the AU pie, and couple that with a natural condition of our being less formidable than in earlier years, they are going to try us! I would if I were them in their condition!

I think that the normal Greed of the American One Worlders, coupled with the losing of face for the Spanish speaking nations of South America and the indecisiveness and weakness one can perceive of Mexico, leads us to war!

The Canadian side. They will be allies only in prose and verbally. They will “send aid” and protect our Northern Border. Which has American High-Tech along their Northern Border to protect all of North America standing in the way of; God forbid; the Chinese decide to take a hand in defense of the South American “Ideals.”

We have nothing to fear from Canada and Mexico. We have much to fear with the South American armies and the Chinese!

There is going to be a “Civil War” here in this country! And there is going to be, to an extent, a “Civil War” in Mexico! But it will all be about control of the coming AU, as much as the control of the Drug and Dope Business, and money. Money generated by the dopers in America. War fueled by both the Drug Business in Mexico and the South American countries, and by their seeing us as corrupted and weakened! Yep, there is going to be a war! Not by uniformed military personnel at first, but war just the same. Thing is; which side are you going to take?