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Innovation in Sports and Energy Food and Drinks: Sustainable and natural performance enhancement
The sports and energy food and drinks market continues to enjoy growth across Europe and the US, whilst many food and drinks categories are showing signs of slowing down or even declining. However, important shifts are taking place in the market that will shape the category in the years to come. The most significant change is the shift away from purely stimulant energy to a more sustainable, slow energy release and products that are aimed at vitality and overall wellbeing.

Innovation in Sports and Energy Food and Drinks is a management report examines the strength of the major sports and energy food and drinks categories across geographies and also outlines some emerging category opportunities. A thorough examination of product development activity since 2004 provides insights into packaging; positioning, ingredients and product benefit claims that will shape the category going forward.
Review the most innovative launches spanning the last 4 years and understand how the innovation formulae can be applied to your category or product market with this report…
Volvic Revive is flavored water formulated with no added sugar and contains stimulating plant extracts such as ginseng and guarana. This product meets consumer needs for hydration due its association with water, as well as delivering an energy boost through the incorporation of ingredients such as guarana.

Assess the competitive landscape of the sports and energy food and drinks market and identify the markets and regions with the greatest potential for growth with this report…

Key issues examined by this report…
Backlash against empty calories. As the obesity epidemic shows no sign of slowing down, there is a media fuelled backlash against energy dense products, leading to necessary reformulation and repositioning of products to provide nutritionally advantageous alternatives to traditional snacks. Satiety and slow release of energy will become increasingly important product benefits in the battle against obesity.
Gaining wider acceptability for sports and energy products. In order to gain wider acceptability in Europe, similar to that in the US, sports and energy food and drinks could be positioned as suitable for everyday hydration and snacks for sustainable energy.
Flavors usage is highly fragmented. The use of flavors is very fragmented with the most popular flavor, orange, only in 4.9% of all sports and energy products launched in 2007. The fastest growing flavors in sports and energy products launched between 2005 and 2007 were pomegranate, peach and tropical. This is reflective of consumers desire for choice and diversity of taste combined with increasing popularity of exotic ingredients and superfruits.

This new report will enable you to…
Quantify market size and potential for growth with market value and growth trends in the sports and energy food and drinks markets, from 2001 and forecasts to 2011, including category specific growth projections across the US and European major markets.
Learn from best-practice strategies of leading innovators in the sports and energy food and drinks market using this report’s analysis of companies including PepsiCo, Coca-Cola and Nestl.
Assess the impact of heightened consumer concern for health and evaluate the opportunities and threats that will affect product formulation and positioning going forward.
Improve targeting and the effectiveness of your NPD strategies with this reports analysis of Productscan data of over 2,000 sports and energy product launches between 2004 and 2007, including further detailed analysis of the leading product claims, ingredients used and innovation in packaging evidenced since 2004.

Your questions answered…
What is the size of the sports and energy food and drinks market and what does the outlook to 2011 look like?
What trends are emerging across product launches in the sports and energy category in terms of benefit claims, ingredients used and packaging?
How will rising obesity levels change consumer attitudes and behaviors and how will this affect future NPD?
How have recent launches from leading companies been positioned, and what effect will this have for the category as a whole, as well as for smaller players?
What strategies can companies employ to access future growth opportunities in this relatively fast growing category?

Some key findings from this report…
The sports and energy bars market across Europe has enjoyed double digit growth between 2001 and 2006, and this category is predicted to continue to grow to 2011. The growth in Europe has been faster than that experienced in the US.
In 2007, 75.0% of all products launched in the sports and energy category had an energy claim. This represented a 3.0% change since 2004, and sports products claims declined proportionately.
In 2007, the category with the highest penetration of sports and energy product claims was the soft drinks category with 14.5% of all launches a sports or energy product. On looking at the sports and energy products market as a whole, soft drinks account for the largest percentage product launches by far at 60.5% in 2007, up from 52.0% in 2004.

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