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Innovations in Delivery Methods for Nutraceutical Food and Drinks
This report explores the range of manufacturing technologies that are available for encapsulating ingredients to change their performance characteristics. The report focuses on innovation and the companies with the expertise to design new delivery systems with improved properties for ingredient delivery. Over the last decade, the food industry has begun to invest in delivery technologies.
Features and benefits

* Gain insight into the reasons for using delivery systems to encapsulate nutraceutical ingredients .* Identify the key technologies available for producing encapsulated nutraceutical ingredients, their advantages, disadvantages and associated costs.* Review regulations applicable to the use of delivery systems in food & gain insight into the effect of these regulations on the industry in the future* Identify innovative companies and discover the potential of their approaches for delivering novel encapsulated nutraceutical products.* Identify the areas of the nutraceutical market for which delivery systems are most important and why.

The food market is changing: Over the past decade, consumers have become more concerned for their health and are increasingly inclined to self-medicate. Healthcare providers, too, are keen to shift some of the burden of healthcare costs to individuals and recognize that functional foods may provide alternatives to medications.Adding nutraceuticals to processed foods can be challenging: The ingredient must be delivered to the customer in a form that tastes good, feels good & is stable & bioavailable. However, many ingredients are sensitive to the manufacturing process, have their own unpleasant flavors or colors, or adversely affect product stability.The food industry has begun to invest in innovative delivery technologies to overcome these problems and thus to improve the health benefits offered by their functional foods or beverages. These delivery systems also have the potential to reduce the costs associated with food processing by reducing overages of unstable nutrients.
Your key questions answered

* Why do ingredients require modification through the use of a delivery system for inclusion in functional food products?* How can the use of encapsulated ingredients actually reduce the manufacturing costs for a functional food product?* What are the drivers and resistors for the functional food, and hence the functional ingredients, markets?* How are encapsulated ingredient products regulated?* Which companies/academic laboratories are innovating in this area and are able to provide their expertise to food and ingredient manufacturers?”

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