About The Last Minute Car Rental Hustle

Nowadays, we have so many applications that make our lives much more convenient. Cell phone now can do everything from research a restaurant to shoot videos; Cars that can parallel park by themselves,; Frozen meals can be prepared in minutes; Conference calls are now proctored with software that facilitates higher levels of communication within working groups; There are restaurants, mini hotels in airport and  waiting areas are all Wi-Fi capable; Car rental companies line some concourses giving customers a plethora of choices and convenience for those requiring their service e van those requiring a last minute car rental.


Convenience comes at a price

The pace at which many of us conduct our lives is so fast it makes our heads spin. We seek out convenience as a necessity more than a luxury. Convenience comes at a price though and this is where the profit is found for those providing it.


Margins must grow


A convenience profit premium is understood and frankly, makes sense to many of us. When many companies are offering a convenience though, their profits shrink. Thus, companies must look for new ways to increase their convenience based profits.


Planning on poor planning


Hurried decisions are inevitable for many a traveler. Hasty choices, however, often result in tasty profits for many a company. The last minute car rental compared to one obtained well in advance will cost you significantly more.


The pain is made painless


When you are in need of a car the matter is normally pressing. Last minute car rentals can always be accommodated but beware, it will cost you. Car rental companies can tell if you are desperate, it’s as easy as checking to see if you have a reservation and desperate customers pay more.


Cadillac heaven


The first way that a car rental company will get a desperate customer to open their wallet is by limiting the selection to the higher end automobiles. Economy or midsize cars will probably be unavailable. Even if you are the only person using the car your choice may be limited to an eight passenger escalade.


Fees and surcharges


In addition to a limited selection the individual seeking a last minute car rental may notice that all promotional discounts have vanished and that advertised rates will not apply. Special fees may also be added to facilitate transaction.


Don’t worry be happy but plan


Of course the best solution available to avoid paying extra fees is to avoid a last minute car rental. Plan ahead and take advantage of any and all discounts available. Other solutions are available though. Sometimes rental companies will offer membership clubs which offer special deals to their members even for last minute rentals. Some Vehicle service providers also offers their members discounts for car rentals as do many major credit cards. In the end though, planning ahead is still your best bet. This way you will be assured of getting the car you want at the price you think is reasonable.