Acai Berries – Natural Way of Taking Good Care of Your Skin

Acai berries are getting reputation day by day as the “miracle fruit” with so many nutritional benefits and healing powers that enable your body to be nourished, and acquire the health benefits so needed to live a naturally healthy life style. As it has low post harvest life, this berry is only available as health supplements or juices outside Brazil, where it is native to. Many researches have been conducted on the influence of Acai berry in reducing the risks of cancer, heart attacks and helping out the body fight free radicals. Now, Acai berry is also linked to skin care.

How does your skin get bad? It’s because of premature aging. Most skin experts say that the premature aging of the body is a great cause in getting your skin unhealthy and make it look bad. On the other hand, experts on aging say that aging is mostly due to accumulation of toxins in the colon region of the body, resulting in indigestion, low absorbent of nutrients and person not getting any benefit from the food they are eating. Having more fiber in your food is a great way of helping out to detoxify your body, so it heals itself. In other words, giving a rest to your colon from all the accumulated toxins that you have in your food is a great way to make your skin look vibrant and glow again.

So you might be wondering now, what is the link between acai berries and the skin care? Well, Acai berry is the most natural and easiest form of colon cleansing you could come across. Its juice has the right amounts and variety of materials needed to clean out your colon and detoxify it. In addition to all the fiber, it also has essential fatty acids that keep your digestive tract lubricated so food can pass on easily and doesn’t get accumulated in your bowels.

The problems with having other forms of colon cleansing fibers is that you need to keep on drinking a lot of water in order to not get dehydrated, and for the fibers to actually work for you. This is not true in the case of Acai berry though. With the essential servings of fiber and fatty acids, it ensures that you are never dehydrated, and that you don’t have to drink so much water. You get detoxified by regular healthy bowel movements, which is another reason you should go for Acai berry for your skin care.

Another unique power of Acai berries is that they have the right amount fatty acids that act as an active sun block for your body too. It is a well known fact, that a lot of skin dies and dries up because of exposure to sun and your skin just doesn’t have the right tools on itself to block the adverse affects of the sun. Fortunately, Acai berry juice is there for the rescue. This is just one more acai berry benefit and another for you to go for Acai berries when it comes to natural skin care.