Acai Berry – 4 of the Most Commonly Asked Questions About Acai Berry

Acai berry and its benefits are well known today. From a little known Amazonian medicinal herb to being the preferred health food of millions, the fruit has come a long way. That the food has amazing health potential is an established fact today. But if you have some queries in your mind, do read through these FAQ’s on acai berry and sort out your doubts before you actually get started with this amazing food.

1. What Does Acai Berry Actually Do?

This most frequently erupting query is probably the most tough to answer. The list of acai berry health benefits is exhaustive. But to begin with, the fruit aids digestion, induces rapid weight loss, helps in retaining the lost weight, increases immunity, boosts metabolism, promotes vision, improves libido…and the list goes on. In short, it is a complete health food and conditions the overall health of an individual.

2. What Is The Best Form To Consume It?

The berry is extremely perishable and is thus preserved in the form of powders, pills, frozen pulp, extracts and myriad other forms. Now the question remains as to how one can get maximum benefits off the food. The simple logic that least processing preserves maximum benefits answers the question. Hence, frozen pulps seem to be the best alternatives while spray dries powders must be avoided under all circumstances.

3. Does It Prevent Cancers?

Acai berry is proven to kill cancer cells in the Petri dish lab test conducted by The University of Florida. However there is a lot of difference in ground realities and tests conducted under laboratory conditions. It is thus too early to reach out to any conclusions regarding that.

4. Where Do I Buy Pure Acai From?

This is most important considering the fruit is extremely perishable in its raw form and needs to be immediately processed after being handpicked. Innumerable offers over the internet could be great to get hold of some quality products at reasonable prices. All you need is to research a bit before buying something.

These common queries answered for you would surely help you pick the best acai supplement and in turn work wonders to your overall health. used the acai berry and colon cleanse combination to loose 32 pounds of fat in under 30 days. It was simply awesome and there is no weight loss supplement that I know of, which works better than the acai and colon combination.