Acai Berry Benefits Are Huge

Acai berries are the hottest food supplement on the market, and with good reason.  These little berries boast protein, omega 3 oils, phytonutrients, high levels of vitamin C, and the highest levels of antioxidants of any other food, as determined by its Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) score.  The ORAC is a procedure of measuring antioxidant capacities of several foods.  Really if you were on a desert island and could only eat one food, the acai berry would be the perfect choice.  Alas it only grows in the Amazon, and on top of that is must be eaten or suitably processed within 24 hours of harvesting before it begins to spoil.

The acai berry benefits of antioxidants are only now beginning to become fully realized.   

With today’s lifestyle, eating behavior along with the increasing use of preservatives and additional artificial ingredients and chemicals make it even more imperative for the you to be able to flush away the growing number of oxidants your body amasses.  

Although this berry has been consumed by inhabitants in the Amazon area for hundreds if not thousands of years, its popularity in the rest of the world  has exploded in the last few years.  It has become the star ingredient in some very expensive health juices and cocktails, it’s found in smoothie stores, and it’s taking up more and more shelf space in health food stores.  

There are a couple of things you should know.  

Buy only freeze dried Acai powder, whether a jar you can dollop out, or in capsules.  The highest test scores for Acai, those revealed in the advertisements came from freeze dried acai berry.  Make sure you use the highest quality ingredients, this can be tricky as some products use parts of the berry besides  the pulp to keep down costs.  If in doubt try A Perfect Acai, they are extremely particular about the quality of their ingredients, using only 100% pure organic freeze dried acai in their powders and capsules.  

On to the top two Acai Scams  

1. Acai weight loss:  The high antioxidant levels in Acai can cause you to flush out your system resulting in a perceptible weight loss, but it is not a weight loss product.  You will not lose 20 pounds with acai.  These companies use deceptive testimonies and advertising.  Never buy anything from a business that is not completely honest in its advertising.  There is no conclusive evidence that acai will produce significant weight loss.  Acai is an wonderful supplement, and from my own knowledge, it makes me feel healthier, I get fewer colds, I get a natural energy boost, and feel more mentally focused.  It’s really the best food supplement I have ever tried.  But it’s not a weight loss product.  

2. Free Trials.  Simply stay away, on the whole of these companies have several complaints filed against them.  The fine print in your free trial requires you to sign up for automatic shipments.  Never order a free trial from a site that requires you to give them a credit card number or PayPal/Google checkout email.  You will have a tremendously difficult time getting it cancelled.  

Acai berry benefits are unique and very healthy, making them one of the single best supplements on the market today.