Acai Berry Burn Review For Men and Women

With the deluge of acai berry products being released onto the market each day it’s becoming increasingly difficult to decipher which product stands above the rest. Acai Burn claims just this.

Acai Burn is in fact manufactured in two different forms, one for the male audience and one for female dieters.

The men’s weight loss market has only recently taken off as for decades this has been a domain just for women, but now men finally have a natural supplement which this product claims to be as effective as any prescription fat burner.

Because men dislike the term “dieting” as it implies femininity, this product is designed for men who prefer to “work out”, as the acai anti-oxidant ingredients are combined with key ingredients Garcinia cambogia extract, chromium polyniconate, Gymnema sylvestre extract and Nutriflex which they claim helps increase your metabolic rate, hence burn fat faster than without its assistance.

The women’s Burn version contains slightly less of the ingredient Nutriflex which simply means its caffeine concentrations are slightly lower as a women’s metabolism is that much slower than a mans, so there should be little or if any of the jittery side effects associated with taking caffeine based fat burners.

As opposed to most of the acai berry products on the market Burn doesn’t contain any of the spray dried butchered acai powder that is about 75-95% dried corn starch.

This acai product instead contains – manufacturers claim – 92% of the ORAC value found in this natural berry which is harvested from the Acai Palm which is a member of Euterpe genus (Euterpe oleracea).

Found growing in swamps and floodplains of South and Central America these palms are tall (about 18 meters) and their pinnate leaves can be up to 3 meters long where the fruits grow in panicles, which each contain almost 700 – 900 berries.

Due to such high rates of obesity and weight issues in the western world Acai Burn claims to offer a natural alternative to some of the prescription weight loss fat burners or the alternative fat blockers. However,in the case of fat blockers such as Alli, the correct Acai supplement will not restrict one of your essential macro-nutrients from entering the body, but instead uses its natural anti-oxidant abilities to help you burn your fat stores that mush faster.