Acai On the Information Highway

In this world of information with a click of a mouse, we can find out anything we want in less then 30 seconds on the computer. In less time then that we have knowledge of what is happening in the world 3000 miles away. Often we know more about what is going on in New York then we know what is happening in our neighbors’ lives next door.

We spend a good deal of time Googling for information, twittering with our friends in California, looking up old friends on Facebook, and looking for a boyfriend or girlfriend on

Since we spend so much time on the information highway, we spend less time outside doing exercise, or anything physical. We can spend all of our time on the computer at work, then 50 percent on the computer at home, the rest watching the television from a vantage point on the living room sofa.

Then one day we look in the mirror and find we have gained a few extra pounds worse then that we don’t recognize the person looking back. Wrinkles, laugh lines, and crow’s feet have suddenly appeared on our faces, when did that happen?

If you have spent this much time on the net and the TV, I know you have heard Oprah talk about Acai. Acai is the little berry from the Amazon jungle that help Oprah lose all of hr weight, remember?

Acai is not just for weight loss, it helps by cleaning out your digestive system, while fighting free radicals in the air that caused those wrinkles. It keeps your skin, smooth and tight making you younger looking and it will help you lose those extra pounds, but you will need to exercise. Walking is the best exercise in the world and burns calories quickly.

Another thing Acai does is increase your mental clarity, so tomorrow when you are out walking you will remember the name of that neighbor who said hello to you.

Just look him up in your face book.