Account Balance in Dynamics GP When Past Years Are Not Closed Yet

This is known Accounting system puzzle and dilemma, related to the Accounting theory – if you do not close the Year in your General Ledger, your P&L accounts balances are not folded into Retained Earnings and BS accounts do not get their current year beginning balances.  As side effect, your Balance Sheet report (either in Great Plains Advanced Financials, or in FRX or even in Microsoft Management Reporter – actual for newer version Dynamics GP 2010/11.0) is not showing opening balances for the account of Balance Sheet origin and the report doesn’t obviously produce correct results.  Please, add to the problem the fact, that you do not really want to close the year on the January first, as customer checks are still coming and you need to verify P&L and Balance Sheet report for the last year in order to compile your tax return for the company (where you need the options to be able to compile and post General Ledger correction transactions, just in case of accounting errors).  We recommend you the solution -0 deploying Alba Spectrum Balances Brought Forward add-on.  Let’s review the details:

1. Virtual Year Close, versus real closing, where the year going into history final transactions go into custom tables in General Ledger.  This is obviously the imitation, but it allows you to show correct Account Summary Inquiry results for BS accounts for the current year (even if the past year is still open in Great Plains).  This module is programmed in Dynamics GP Dexterity, it requires custom tables creation, and simple Dexterity chunk file integration (and of course you need to purchase it from Alba Spectrum to get registration key).  What the module really does – it closes the year based on the calendar or fiscal year date, posting closing year transaction to the custom tables

2. Where you could see the opening balances?  In GL Account Summary Inquiry and plus in GL Trial Balance Summary and Detail Reports (you will need to open security for the users for these reports accordingly)

3. What would be the work around if you do not want to implement BBF module?  Well, procedural way is not too difficult, you can simply make a backup of your production company and restore into the newly created company (in Dynamics GP Utilities) and close the calendar or fiscal year there somewhere in the beginning of January.  If you do so – you can remap FRx Balance Sheet report to this historical company.  The funny things, however, when you need FRx Balance Sheet for the new year, you would need to repeat the process again, as you have probably accumulated more revenue and expenses associated transactions in your real production company

4. Versions supported.  The version, compatible with Dynamics GP 2010/11.0 is just released in December 2010.  Also, several historical versions are supported: Dynamics GP 10.0, 9.0, 8.0, 7.5, 7.0.  For earlier versions Dexterity chunk should work, but there is some variety in the database platforms: Microsoft SQL Server 2000/7.0, 6.5, Pervasive SQL Server 2000/Btrieve, Ctree.  In this publication we recommend you to call us and not to make over promising commitments

5. What happens when I close the historical year in Great Plains Dynamics GP?  Well, BBF module will recognize this fact and it will go back to the general Great Plains General Ledger Business Logic

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