Acid Reflux – Throat Problems and Treatment

Throat Problems

Throat irritation is a common consequence of acid reflux or GERD. Getting pushed back into the esophagus from the stomach, the acid reaches up to the throat to cause acid reflux throat. Lung functions are impaired and respiratory disorders occur when the acid travels from the throat into the lungs. There may also be chest pain and sinusitis problems. The damage that the acid causes to the upper esophagus and the throat makes your swallowing painful. Relief from the acid reflux throat pain becomes necessary. There cannot be long term relief from the pain until the root cause of GERD is diagnosed and cured. The throat irritation is most pronounced in the morning. The reason is when we sleep at night; the esophagus gets the maximum scar from the acid leaving us with acid reflux throat in the morning. The ways to heal this pain must focus on containing the excessive secretion of acid in the stomach. It may take a long time to control the acid flow and heal the wound for relieving the patient of throat pain.


Keeping the upper body including the head elevated by raising the mattress or using a heartburn pillow provides relief from GERD throat by preventing the stomach acid from going into the esophagus when our body is in lying position. Dry throat is a condition that aggravates throat irritation especially when we breathe through our mouth during sleep. Using a room humidifier to maintain air moisture inside the room prevents dry throat when we sleep at night. In case of acute pain from acid reflux throat requiring immediate relief, lozenges and cough drops can be used. However they are not very reliable and prolonged use is not recommended.

Liquid Remedy

Drinking sufficient water by preventing excessive acid in the stomach helps to control acid reflux throat irritation. Saline gargle and tea with some honey also relieve the throat pain.