Acne and Tips on What Can Help

First of all, what actually is acne? It isn’t only for the young it can happen even to middle aged adults. It’s is a process that begins when your oil glands in your skin become clogged.

These glands produce oil to help keep your skin healthy and to protect the skin from bacteria, dirt and becoming too dry. But sometimes they produce too much oil and the extra oil starts collecting under your skin surface which is the start of a pimple.

This usually forms a hard plug when the oil mixes with dead skin cells. When this plug stays under your skins surface it becomes what is known as a whitehead. If it becomes bigger and comes up to the surface of the skin it is known as a blackhead. The blackheads are dark because of a buildup of melanin which is a pigment in the skin that is responsible for the color of your skin and when you get suntanned.

Girls usually begin getting acne at about 11 years old and boys at about 13. This is the age when the body begins making large amounts of androgen which is a hormone. Because of this hormone overproduction it usually causes the pimples to form.

Most people get noninflammatory kind of acne. It usually only causes a few pimples every once and a while. Nothing very serious. But some people get inflammatory acne. This is a more severe form that has many outbreaks that can occur all over the neck, face, back, groin and chest. These pimples are actually small cysts filled with pus that may cause scarring. This kind is usually hereditary.

Stress and anxiety can trigger acne and sometimes chemicals in makeup and shampoos can bring on pimples. Science hasn’t been able to show that foods we eat are a cause but some people seem to do better if they don’t eat too much chocolate or greasy foods.

Some things to do to help get rid of the pimples from acne. Wash your face gently with mild soap. Your skin needs to breathe so don’t use makeup or if you do use very little. Try not to pick your pimples which may lead to scarring.

Drink at least eight glasses of filtered water every day and stay away from soda and sugared drinks. Eat fruits and vegetables and get a good amount of exercise each day.

You may even want to learn to meditate or listen to quiet soothing music to keep the stress out of your life. Doing the things listed above may help you to get rid of the acne and make your life a lot happier.