Acne Cure – Easily and Naturally

There is respite for those who’ve suffered long enough at the hands of acne. If you think that acne cure means regular tips to dermatologists and signing over a part of your income to them, think again! Natural remedies have been proven to be great for acne cure and it is possible to follow these simple remedies at home, without having to make major changes in your life.

What you Eat or Don’t Eat Matters

What you eat or ignore to eat reflects on your face. Honestly! So, let’s start with the age old tip – drink loads and loads of water everyday. Water is great for acne cure. As a cleanser, it flushes out the toxins present in your body. Apart from that, plenty of water helps you stay hydrated and prevents your pores from clogging up and erupting in zits.

As far as your diet is concerned, include chromium, zinc and Vitamin A in your diet. Chromium heals and fights any infection in your skin, while zinc acts as an anti-bacterial agent. Along with being an antioxidant, Vitamin A makes the skin’s protective tissue stronger and reduces the production of sebum. Another thing – if you are fond of your cup of coffee, try to reduce your intake. Caffeine is known to aggravate the condition of acne.

Hygiene is Very Important

It’s important to keep your skin clean to avoid acne. You must wash your face twice a day, maybe more, if you stay out a lot. Preferably use medicated acne soap. Avoid scrubbing too hard, as you will only end up stimulating the sebaceous glands, causing it to produce more sebum. And that means… more acne. If you are the kind who likes to work out regularly, make sure you wash your hair after every workout.

For girls, it’s all very well if you want to look like the latest film star or pop sensation, but try and keep your hair back and away from your face. Hair has oil and you don’t need me to tell you what oils mean for acne. Avoid wearing make up for too long, and before sleeping, remove every trace of it from your face.

Less Stress, Less Acne

Stress is a major cause of acne. Whenever you are stressed out, the body goes into a hyperactive mode and produces a hormone called testosterone. Testosterone stimulates the pores of your skin into producing more oil. Add to this the fact that stress also plays havoc with the body’s natural strength, leading to flares all over your face. So, what that means is that if you put a lid on stress, it works out to be a wonderful acne cure.

Occupy Your Hands Elsewhere

Any time you feel like scratching, squeezing or fiddling with your blackheads and pimples – DON”T! Each time you squeeze a blackhead or pimple, unknown to you, the membranes that lie beneath your skin get ruptured. This can cause the infection to spread further under your skin, and you are going to end up adding a few more to your existing collection of pimples. Any acne cure you try will only go waste, if you continue poking those eruptions on your skin.