Acne – How to Do Away With It

Acne is rather persistent and unless one is consistent in managing it, the chances of success are very slim. There are various ways of getting rid of acne. Using non oil based makeup for women helps because the oil blocks the pores. Not popping the pimples is important because popping them may cause the spreading of the infection under the skin and make the situation worse. In case you pop a pimple, it should be washed immediately with soap and water or rubbed with alcohol to avoid infection.

One can also remove dead skin cells using a gentle scrub as it helps open up the pores. Washing your face at least three times a day and maintain this routine helps as it keeps your face free of germs. Avoid using harsh soaps when washing your face as this damages the skin and causes irritation which results in acne increasing. Change your pillow case once a week because the germs transfer from the face to the case and vice verse, hence the problem will not end.

Avoid touching your face because this spreads the germs that cause acne. You can also try changing your bathing soap and see if it helps reduce the acne. Drinking lots of water keeps the skin hydrated from the inside making pores open up when it is evaporating. A little sun is good but be sure to keep off too much of it. Steam your face at least once a day as it helps open up the pores and leaves the skin oil free. Good nutrition is important so that the skin can take care of itself.

Medication and medical creams can be use under the care of a doctor.

Not all methods work for everyone. The trick is to try out different things until you find out what really works for you.