Acne Prevention Tips – Natural Remedies For Acne Problems That Help Eliminate Pimple Breakouts

Afraid that your boyfriend will leave you now, since your face looks nothing more than what the cat has dragged in from the streets? Are you afraid that he will take one look at your pimpled face, and reject you straight away for the next hot chick that walks by? Well, if such is the case, you will have to take certain actions immediately.

But before you go hunting for the solutions to acne problem, it is better for you to update yourself on this subject so as to become more capable in handling this entire situation without much of a fuss.

What is acne? It is a disorder resulting in skin inflammation and eruptions. Though it is seen in adults, it mainly happens to teenagers, when their bodies are still developing so that the sex hormones are shooting up through the roof!

Moreover, if you want the specific details about why this pimple phase so occurs in everyone’s life, you should know that acne is mainly caused due to the excessive build-up of hormones like testosterone and natural oils as well. However, genetic disorders can also lead up to this problem. And yes, even certain physiological disorders and highly stressed life are also the cause of acne.

The effect of acne is not health-damaging, but it can certainly hurt one’s ego. It is mainly in the adolescent years that boys and girls give the maximum importance to looks, and this is why the appearance of single acne drives them over the edge. They may lose the confidence to socialize if they start to think that they do not look good enough.

So now the main question is “How to cure acne?” sure, there are many solutions in the market, and it is always advisable to go for natural based products that will not aggravate the situation any further. However, before you choose anything, it will be better if you consulted a skin physician who will be the best judge of the matter and give you the exact solution that will help.

• There are certain natural elements like aloe Vera, vitamin A, Zinc and Tea tree oil that work the best in healing acne. However remember, some of these natural products also have certain chemicals in them for preservation. These chemicals can be harmful to you if you are pregnant or have some serious health problems.

• The next step would be to drink a lot of water every single day so as to flush out the toxic elements from the body, and prevent the bacteria from growing back. Also, keep eating a lot of green leafy vegetables and fruits to make the complexion of your skin glow always!

• You can also use a home remedy. Just mix real tomato pulp with honey and rose water and apply the mask on the face and leave it there for about twenty minutes. Wash it off carefully and see the difference! You will start looking fresh already!

• Before bedtime, you can mix cream, glycerin and lemon juice and apply the pack on your face and then wash it all off. Practice you yoga moves to de-stress your life since excessive fatigue can also cause pimples.

• Avoid scratching off your pimple, and keep your hair out of your face. Also do not use a lot of heavy make-up on a regular basis, since it is responsible for increasing the risk of growing acne.

Just follow these easy steps and you will soon find the real beauty of your face revealed! Men will vie for your attentions, and your skin will stay alive and fresh throughout the day!

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