Acne Scar Removal – Home Treatments

Anyone who has been afflicted with pimples and acne stand a very high chance of having scars due to this acne on their skin. For some people acne is a condition, which cannot be prevented or avoided. But they need not to worry, as there are methods available for the complete acne scar removal.

But it may not be possible to completely acne scar removal with the help of remedies, which are used at home. But natural treatments, which are administered at home for the acne scar removal, will definitely be very useful in reducing the severity of those acne scars.

When the acne and pimples are being treated and they start reducing, they will leave a red mark on your skin, which will continue to stay there for a period of a few months. This red mark cannot be termed as a scar since this is just the after effect of the skin, which has got swollen as a result of the acne. Just as how the other parts of the body swell and turn red when you get a sprain, the same thing takes place in the case of acne. But if the red marks stay on the face for a period beyond a year, then they are known as acne scars. It is not possible for anyone to have a scar on their face for a whole year and then find out that you need to get some kind of treatment in order to have these acne scar removed. There are many small tips and tricks, which will help in determining whether the red marks will disappear soon, or whether they will become a permanent scar in the future.

Icing – Icing is one of the easiest methods for the acne scar removal. This will make the red spots and scars dimmer and contracting the pores, which are present on the face, does this. Some ice cubes should be wrapped in a paper towel or some other kind of plastic bag and then it should be placed on the surface of the face for a few minutes. Then it should be removed from the face for around twenty seconds and then placed once again. This process should be repeated a few times. Though your face will feel very chill for sometime, this method is very quick and also very effective. But you should take care not to keep the ice on your forehead.

Tomatoes and cucumber – Many people have spoken about the advantages of eating as well as applying tomato and cucumber for your face. They are also useful in the acne scar removal. Tomatoes contain many antioxidants, which will help in protecting the skin from any kind of damage. Cucumber has many cooling properties, which help in healing as well as soothing skin, which is feeling irritable. They will also help in tightening the skin. Tomato and cucumber should be blended along with some water and made into a paste. This paste should be applied on the face and kept there for some time and then washed away.

Sandalwood – Sandalwood and black gram can be mixed along with a little milk or rose water. This paste should be applied on the face and kept for the whole night while sleeping. This will help in acne scar removal.

Oils – Rosehip seed oil, lavender oil, and rosa mosqueta oil also help in the removal of acne scars. They can either be applied all together or separately in order to treat the acne scars. They should be mixed in equal amounts and then applied on the skin many times in a day.

These are some of the natural home remedies, which help in the acne scar removal. The different kinds of oils are most effective in the removal of acne scars.

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