Acne Scars Removal – How to Get Rid of Pimple Scars

Acne has always been an enemy for our face. Once it pups up on your face the problem will remain. The scars are still there, the freckles and the big pores. Surely it will make you unconfident. Then, what should you do to it? Covering up scars using makeup is not a good idea. It is even not a solution since you are only covering them up instead of curing and solving the core problems.

There are simple ways to remove the acne scars and freckles effectively from your face. First, you can use spoiled tea to wash your face every morning after cleaning face with the facial foam. Then let it for a while and then dry up your face using a clean towel. After about a week, you will find your face getting brighter and the scars getting blurred then gone. It is really simple yet cheap, you can find tea easily. You just need to make a cup of tea at night, no sugar of course, and use it to wash your face the next morning.

The anti-oxidant in which tea contains is good for your skin; it helps your skin to remove the poison which causes the acne. And the second option is using coffee to scrub your face, but it is strongly not recommended if you have a dry skin because it will make your skin even drier. Clean your face, then take some spoons of coffee powder, no instant one, then put some water in it, just a little water until it turns to porridge. After that, use the coffee porridge to scrub your face then clean your face with the water. You will see that your skin is getting softer and cleaner than usual.

You can try all those options or one of them which suits on you. Do it regularly unless you won’t get any healthier and brighter skin face than before.