Acquisition Of Water Enterprises In South China Suddenly Blowing Scenery Shot While Tian Yi Bao 1

Just this week two is almost the same time, China and south China water industry giants Huarun Yi Bao and King were heard news of the acquisition of water enterprises. It is worth noting, were two giant phase, are mineral water company. Analysis, implementation of new national standard of mineral water to the mineral water industry provides a standard development platform, the industry will usher in a larger space for development. Optimistic about the prospects for popular mineral water.

 King For in Guangzhou to build a new “life Mountain”

 Mountain Huizhou hundred years has been to rely on the country’s King campaign production base, generous towards acquisition of the road. Recently, its mineral water and beverage Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Aofong signed purchase contracts, will Aofong mineral water plant into her arms. It was also felt that the water is the city of South China King Zaidufali a signal, it is only the beginning.

 King Zhoujing Liang, general manager, said King Hill has been committed to the national distribution of centenarians in recent years, expanding sales territory. In addition to headquarters in Shenzhen and Guangdong, the forefront of the market to do mineral water industry, the bottled water market is also the first in Fujian Province, in addition to Beijing, Inner Mongolia, Shanxi, Jiangsu and other markets have a very good performance, strong regional markets become more drinking water brand. “To this end, in order to meet market needs, self-built a new plant or buy, it is imperative.”

 Speaking of the final choice rather than self-built a new plant acquisitions, Zhou Jingliang blunt, high-quality water is supporting the development of corporate sustainability is a necessary prerequisite for enterprises bigger and stronger. In today’s increasingly serious water pollution, well water has been one of the few. In particular, high-quality mineral water, it is very few. In the study area in Guangdong over the territory, do not find the ideal water, the thus selected acquisitions. “Although Aofong mineral water brands do not, but it has to, and King hundred comparable quality mountain water, its mineral water, water quality and water quality of King hundred high mountain match.” Zhoujing Liang said in Guangzhou to build a “hundred mountain.”

 The Aofong also said that while the brand itself is not strong in the industry, but have high-quality water has been a lot of giant, big brands are coveted, not the King had contacted a manufacturer.

 Acquisition Jialin Bao Yi Shan is only the beginning

 King announced the acquisition in less than an hour after the news, Huarun Yi Bao also rumors confirmed the news six months long, officially announced the acquisition of John Long Jialin Zhuhai Zhuhai Mountain Mineral Water Factory and Beverage Co., Ltd. All shares of Wing Lung. Huarun Yi Bao sources, this first shot for the Huarun Yi Bao M, “the future acquisition efforts will be further expanded.”

 According to reports, Huarun Yi Bao Jia-Shan is overwhelmed by the acquisition of Zhuhai, the first bottled water brand, the current main “Jialin mountain” and “Wing Lung” brand of mineral water, distilled water, purified water, in addition to outside Zhuhai, Guangzhou, Dongguan , Jiangmen, Foshan is also one of its key sales market. In recent years, Jialin Hill has been favored by the food industry giant, Danone, Nestle and Jialin Hill contacts and negotiations have been the acquisition transaction, but the negotiations are unsuccessful, to nothing.

 And “Jialin Mountain” marriage, so Huarun Yi Bao mineral water market strategy planning to become an indisputable fact. Current Huarun Yi Bao Main purified water, and Jialin Hill has an excellent mineral water, acquired Jialin mountain, the Huarun Yi Bao will change a single pure water business, help expand its market reach and increase the profits of new mineral water growth.

 It is reported that Huarun Yi Bao is in rapid expansion phase. Huarun Yi Bao sources, this year on the basis of consolidating the South China market will continue to deep plowing, Beijing, Nanjing, Hunan, Fujian, Chengdu and other key markets. “This acquisition is Huarun Yi Bao’s first acquisition, it is only the beginning, the future, will further expand its acquisition efforts.”

 The development of highly promising mineral water

 Bottled water industry in Guangdong Association of rotan in an interview that the new national standard of mineral water to the mineral industry to implement a standard development platform, the industry will usher in a larger space for development. With the introduction of new subject matter, the mineral water industry, more standardized, but also brought new opportunities. Mineral water industry is expected to usher in a larger space for development. “In particular, the abolition of the total number of colonies to solve the bottleneck of qualified mineral water.”