Active X Controls Error- Fix Those Now

Are you not computer specialist and encountering errors in browsing and programs installation? You need not to worry because Active X controls may be creating problem and to fix Active X errors, you are not expected to be an expert.

The function of Active X controls is to distribute information over the Internet in different languages. Active X controls has complete control of the Operating System such as XP or Vista. You can download Active X controls using IE web browser and the file is in executable form. Once you run Active X file on the system it would become an element of the operating system. It enables operating system to perform various tasks like effects, animations and also allows interactive programs to communicate with one another.

There are many security risks when we download Active X file on our system because it may bring virus, adware and spyware. We have to allow it before an active x control is installed on our computer but in some cases Active X controls are automatically installed.

Below are outlined few steps to fix Active X Control error.

First thing to do is to enable Active X Control prompt.

a) You should open your browser (Internet Explorer)

b) On the tool bar Go To tools, a drop down menu would appear, here click on Internet Options and Click on Security

c) Click on Custom Level and enable automatic prompting for Active X controls or enable prompt under all settings except Script ActiveX controls marked safe for scripting

If there is compatibility Issue then follow these steps

a) Download patch (compatibility patch) from Internet

b) Install it on your Computer

c) Reboot machine

d)   Now open the same page where you receive compatibility issue. There should be no error now


If there are Active X errors from uninstalled software then follow these steps

a) Check which file or software is missing, reinstall that one. General issues are resolved with this step

b) You need to indentify the files and if you are not confident about missing files then copy the error and paste in web browser. From there you can find a fix against your error quickly

If you are not interested in visiting several websites then simply visit Microsoft website containing huge resources for Active X controls errors with solutions. On the website you have to simply paste the error code.

You can also fix Active X Controls Errors through Windows Registry Cleaner and PC Optimizer software. There may be some corrupted registry entries causing this error to appear.

Your Active X controls is the reason why your PC is so much slow in performance and you are receiving errors. Windows Registry Cleaner knows how to fix registry issues.