Add a Name and a Face to Achieve Success with Dollar Stores

With all the competition facing those seeking success with dollar stores there must be a concerted effort to position your business above all others. If not, you become just another face in the crowd. Your store will not be recognized for all the things that make it unique. Your store will not be recognized as the store shoppers go to whenever they need merchandise. But how can you achieve this goal? How can you make your store stand above the rest? It starts with a dollar store marketing plan. In that plan must be strategies to generate more traffic and to continually increase sales. One of those strategies should be to put a name and face to your business.
1. Select a business name that clearly communicates you are a dollar store, discount store, dollar plus store or whatever format you have chosen.
It is important to make it easy for every prospective customer to know what you sell even before they come into your store. If not you will have a high percentage of shoppers who enter, take a quick glance at your store and leave without making a purchase.
2. Make the decisions about what name and face you will to place on your business.
It might be you, your company logo, your business storefront, or some other relevant and recognizable face. Putting a face to your business is a dollar store marketing idea that can really be to your advantage.
3. Include your business name and the chosen face in all advertising.
Successful dollar store marketing requires keeping your store name right in front of prospective customers at all times. In fact the more often prospective customers see or hear your name the greater the chance they will take action and actually come into your store.
4. Add a catchy business slogan.
An often overlooked strategy that can contribute to success with dollar stores is adding a short, catchy slogan or saying to your marketing program. Add the slogan to all advertising, flyers, signs and other places shoppers see or hear your advertising. Catchy, easy to remember slogans stick in the minds of those who hear or see it.
5. Keep your name, slogan and face out in front of your targeted clients at every opportunity.
Use as many of the senses (sight, sound, etc.) as possible with your marketing campaigns. The more prospective shoppers are exposed to your business the sooner they will begin to recognize and come in to shop with you.
To your success with dollar stores!