Add Flair To Your Wardrobe With Designer Glasses

Wearing designer glasses is an easy way to add a stroke of style to any outfit in your wardrobe. When you opt for a neutral pair of glasses which fit the frame of your face well you can feel confident all day whilst even protecting your eyes. Sunglasses in the right style can aid you look and feel amazing all day long.

What to look for: When you want to purchase designer glasses the simplest thing that you can do is to look for sunglasses which offer complete protection from UV rays. Your retina could easily become damaged if you spend lots of time outside, so the amount of protection you choose for your glasses is an important consideration. Polarized glasses may also be chosen if you want to reduce any glare from the sun while driving or participating in outdoor activities.

The function of the designer glasses can also be affected by the color. For instance, darker glasses lenses could protect your eyes more than lighter colored lenses. If you have any kind of eyesight problems or you have already experience loss of vision then youll need to stick with darker black or brown colored lenses in your sunglasses. Lighter colored sunglasses are normally chosen when you want to see a more natural array of colors.

Face Shape and Style: Oversized glasses have become one of the popular designs on the market, but if that style does not feel right for you then you might want to take a look at other options. For instance, smaller rounded glasses can still provide adequate coverage for your eyes whilst also fitting your face and personal style. Mid-sized sunglasses can fit many face shapes well and could be found with one hundred percent protection from the sun. Smaller, rounded glasses that just cover the eyes do not offer a lot of protection, however.

In the worst cases of eye damage designer glasses can be bought with side shields to avoid sunlight from filtering in through the sides of the glasses. This style offers the most protection available but may not be stylish enough for those who enjoy fashion. Larger sized lenses are a must anytime you want full protection from the sunlight, however. Oval shaped frames that cover the whole eyes and side of the eyes could improve your protection against the sun significantly, even when you choose a lighter colored lens. BOLA TANGKAS