Adding Style and Class to Your Bathroom

Whether your selling up and need to spice up a drab bathroom, or remodelling to unlock the potential in your bathroom for your own enjoyment, a fantastic way to add a ‘Wow’ factor to your bathroom is to replace your bathtub. It’s long been recognised that bathrooms are a great selling point for a property. And in today’s changed property market, those brave enough to sell, need every extra help they can get! The trick with using you bathroom as a selling point is to emotionally involve the potential buyer in the property. You need to appeal to the buyers heart so they’re thinking more and more about how it would be a shame to let this property slip through their fingers.

The best way to achieve this mind frame in the buyer is to get them to start imagining themselves living in the house, basically get them to mentally sample living there! Now you obviously can’t do anything as obvious as tell them to imagine it, you have to suggestively plant things that will make them imagine it, all on their own.

Because bathtubs are a functional item, they’re great for engaging people while viewing a property. An impressive hot tub or deep soaking bath tub will have the buyer thinking all about how much they would enjoy using it! An impressive kitchen is another great way of engaging a potential buyer. All of this serves to justify a slightly higher price for the property!

Depending on the size of bathroom you’ve got to work with, some types of bathtubs will be more suitable than others. If you’re challenged with a small space, you can make good use of ‘dead space’ corners with a corner bath tub or corner hot tub. On the other hand, if you have a lot of space to fill, a great option is the freestanding bathtub. These offer a completely different look and feel to a bathroom, straightaway marking your property out against others your potential buyers may be considering.

You may just want to remodel the bathroom for your own enjoyment and have no intention of selling, in this case all of the above still applies, you can totally rework the bathroom space with the simple but clever addition of a quality bathtub.