Adie Syndrome – Rare and Unpleasant

It seems that there are enough diseases commonly known in the world today without having to consider some of those of the rare types. Unfortunately, there are some diseases that are not that well known which a good thing is probably because that means they’re not that common.

One such rare condition is called Adie syndrome and it’s a disorder that affects the eye. It’s really not a disease and fortunately it doesn’t affect the quality of life in regards to longevity but that isn’t to say that it can’t be difficult to cope with.

It is a neurological disorder and most often is it only affects a pupil of one eye but sometimes will affect both. It is visible to the onlooker because what they will notice is that one pupil of the individual suffering from this condition is larger than the other is.

Although the cause is not positively known, it’s believed that it may have been caused by some type of viral or bacterial infection that is causing inflammation and even damage to the neurons. This is in respect to the area of the brain that controls eye movements. Another thing that is noticed of people that are suffering from this disorder is it that they have very poor reflexes and that in some cases have none.

The problem is evident when an individual who has this condition tries to focus on a subject that may be nearby. Under normal circumstances, the eye would react immediately but with Adie syndrome, it constricts very slowly.

If one looks closer at the pupil, you will see that it is not perfectly round. On the other hand, when the sufferer focuses on the object itself in the distance the pupil will remain constricted for a period of time and then it slowly dilates back to its normal size. As we said, it is quite rare and there’s only about one out of every five hundred people that suffer with this condition.

If an individual has, one pupil that’s bigger than the other or the pupil does not react normally to light that must be suspected that they have Adie syndrome. There are some variations to this condition ranging in severity as well.

Although perhaps not as serious as many other health issues whenever something affects the eye it can be annoying and difficult to deal with. This is such the case with Adie syndrome.