Adolescent Depression – Causes and Best Treatment Options Available

Adolescent depression is a certain disorder that can occur during ones teenage years. What this type of depression involves are things like loss of interest, feelings of uselessness, constant sadness and discouragement among other negative feelings. You cannot predict whether a teenager will become depressed or not; sometimes it can be foreseen but in other cases it can be kept quiet without any suspicion, until something happens. It is important for adolescent depression to be seen to before it gets out of hand, which could be at any time. As soon as you realize you are depressed or your teenager is depressed you have to have the matter seen to. It might not easily be resolved, but you have to start somewhere.

Adolescent depression could be a temporary response from a teenager regarding certain situations or just usual stress, but it could also be a disorder that they will suffer from for years if they are not helped. When it comes to teenagers, depression is often due to:
• Independence arguments with parents
• Lack of freedom (in their minds)
• The natural maturing process and the stress and worries that come with it
• Sexual hormones can sometimes play a big role in depression

Adolescent depression could also be a temporary reaction that could lead to a permanent situation from disturbing events like:
• Failing school
• Being the victim of bullying
• Death of a relative or a close friend
• A sad breakup with a partner

Teenagers that experience low self-esteem, those who are very critical of themselves, and those who feel that they don’t have any control or have little control over certain negative events are at risk to be depressed too. It is also a known fact that teenage girls are more likely to experience depression compared to teenage boys should they go through a difficult time.

Some of the risk factors involved include:
• Unstable care giving
• Weak social skills
• Chronic illnesses
• Sexual, mental and physical child abuse
• Genetic depression – family history of the disorder
• Loss of parent to divorce or death as well as other stressful life events

Adolescent depression can also be associated with some eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia.

Psychotherapy is the first thing that should be considered when seeking treatment for adolescent depression. Talk therapy tries to assist the depressed teen and change the way they think. They will be taught more reasonable ways in which they can solve their issues and they will also be taught how to improve their interpersonal and social skills.

Anti-depressants are normally used to keep depression at bay, but the side-effects that come with taking anti-depressants are something scary and not for any teenager to experience.

The best thing for any depressed adolescent is taking herbal supplementation. This is perfect as it is all natural and will have no or very little side-effects. There are many herbs available to take; the teenager will have to decide what works best for them.