We are living in 21st century and in this century everyone is so busy that they don’t even bother about themselves. Everyone needs a break and the best option is a long tour and it gets better if the tour is of a hill station. Now days there are a lot of travel companies that offer these types of tours and they also include many adventures things like trekking, climbing and skiing. All these things work as stress busters. These travel company are renowned for their services and plan, they can offer you a much better option for your adventurous trip which definitely fills you with lots of zeal and make your holidays memorable. When it comes to a hill station there is one name that definitely strikes your mind and that name is none other than Nepal. Nepal is known for Himalayas and peaks like Kanchenjunga. Also it has got a vast variety of flora and fauna. Wherever in Nepal you go you can see boards such as trek Nepal or Nepal tours, and the thing about tourists is that they can get these packages at very nominal rates.

When mountain climbing is done by tourists there are certain places where they take rest and get rejuvenated. That place is called a base camp. Base camp trek is a place where food and general supplies are kept, especially for people climbing a mountain. An ideal distance between two base camps is about 5 to 10 kms. Actually base camps are meant for emergencies, a place where people during bad weather can stay. When we talk about adventures we cannot leave trekking. Trekking means a long journey to be undertaken on foot in areas where common means of transport is generally not available. Trekking always refers to walking on trails; it does not entail cross-country hiking or climbing over rough terrain. Trekking is not mountaineering; it is days of walking, along with adventure. For this purpose there are a lot of trekking companies in Nepal that offers trekking in such a way you can’t even dream of.

So finally in my opinion I would  prefer that once in a lifetime we all should enjoy the beauty, the nature, the environment and finally the heartwarming adventures that will definitely make your trip not only memorable but also historical for your entire life leaving behind enchanting memories.